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Award winning Paris-based Australian painter and portraitist Rebecca Driffield showcases her work on Justinian ... More ...

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NSW bar committee split on the QC question ... Unable to advise bar council on whether to ask the AG to restore briefs' favourite bauble ... Most submissions from members in favour of QC ... What next? ... Read more ...

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Lawyers and the complexity of litigation ... Access to justice includes preventing access to justice ... Reprising the Flower & Hart saga with starring role by Ian Callinan QC ... Tulkinghorn on the case ... Read more ...

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Your editor singing for his supper at the Copyright Symposium feast ... Copyright creator in a sea of copyright curators ... Speech ... Speech ... Speech ... A few wintery smiles from W. Gummow  ... Read more ...

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    "It's not for us to disprove the negative. I don't feel the need to disprove the negative about our operations." 

    Scott Morrison, Minister for Imigration and Border Protection, responding to criticism of Australia from the UNHCR that returning asylum seeker boats to Indonesia was a breach of the Refugee Convention. The Sydney Morning Herald, April 24, 2014  READ MORE >>

    Justinian Featurettes

    The 1959 Grange Hermitage ... Barry O'Farrell undone by an indifferent wine ... Last of the "hidden" Granges, made in secret and in defiance of the Penfolds' directors ... Think '59 Grange ... Think Bill Lawrie ... Our wine man Gabriel Wendler critiques the wine at the heart of Winegate  ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Da Mystery of the Da Vinci Code litigation ... Forgotten heros of the Sydney Institute ... Larry Adler Dinner disappoints ... A slice of history from the "Uglies" ... Queensland's fearful Bureau de Spank ... That was then ... Read more ...


    Justinian featurettes


    There's another world beyond law and lawyering ... and here you can find it: reviews, wine notes, interviews, and the unpacking of the human condition.  

    Critics' Corner: reviews of books, films and TV by Worm and I. Box.
    Déjà Vu: marvellous slices of history from Justinian's bulging archive. 
    Jaws: food, glorious food.
    JustyFlix: our film crew covers the most glittering events on the calendar. 
    Miss Lumière: spends a lot of time in the dark, reviewing films. 
    On the Couch: where notable notables bear their souls. 
    Wendler on Wine: spectacular wine reviews, gargling and spitting from barrister Gabriel Wendler.  

    All our featurettes have escaped from inside the paywall.  



    Hidden Grange hogs the limelight

    The 1959 Grange Hermitage ... Barry O'Farrell undone by an indifferent wine ... No wonder he forgot it ... Last of the "hidden" Granges, made in secret and in defiance of the Penfolds' directors ... Think '59 Grange ...Think Bill Lawrie ... Our wine man Gabriel Wendler critiques the wine at the heart of Winegate 

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    Jay Williams

    Jay Williams is the barrister appearing for some of the asylum seekers on Manus Island ... He's been representing them before a court of inquiry into alleged human rights abuses ... Deported by the PNG government ... Further proceedings pending ... From Melbourne to the Sydney bar via Arnhem Land with Immanuel Kant in his back pocket ... Now he's on Justinian's couch 

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    Don Weatherburn

    Don Weatherburn is the hard facts man of the NSW criminal justice system ... He reminds the politicians that statistics don't lie ... A man who has blended a love of crime with a love of statistics ... He's on Justinian's couch, which is as good a reason as any to mention his new book, Arresting Incarceration 

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    Dispatches from the front line

    Cossack charges off the field of battle ... Soapy in all his finery ... Juries and the finer points of the LBW rule ... Roughshagger picks-up the pace ... Lawyers saved by OLSC systems failure ... A short history of fun-filled superimpositions  

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    Speedy justice at work 

    Magistrate ticked off for making five serious errors of law in a single flourish ... Madge Coombs zapped by Dickie Button ... Slow down and follow the dance steps 

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    Disability and injustice

    Pro bono support from DLA Piper for Human Rights Commission project ... Disability and access to justice ... High prospects of miscarriage of justice in cases where defendants are disabled ... Potential for more human rights support from legal profession ... Kate Lilly reports  

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    Glacial reception greets meddlesome priest 

    Enjoying free speech at Queensland Law Society's annual dinner ... There can never be too many lawyers in parliament ... Parramatta ahoy 

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    Mark Livesey

    Mark Livesey, Australia's national bar leader on Justinian's Couch ... The pressing issues confronting barristers ... The role of the ABA ... Personal tastes, likes and dislikes laid bare 

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    Chui Lee Luk

    Part of our series on lawyers who've escaped the law ... Chui Lee Luk, former tax lawyer is one of the country's most interesting and original chefs  ... The perfectionist from Claude's in Paddington now at her new creation Chow Bar & Eating House ... The lawyer turned chef took time out from the kitchen to visit Justinian's couch 

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    Book worms

    Ann Cunningham, commissioning editor of The Federation Press, has assembled a list of this year's best and least loved books, chosen by a hand selected pool of legally inclined people ... Plenty of ideas and inspiration  

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