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Corruption busting ... Will ICAC retrieve its mojo? ... The High Court will decide on the powers of the most effective corruption fighter in the country ... ICAC's pen has been "put down" ... Read more ... 

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US senate torture report ... Torture-Lite was a by-word of the Bush era ... It turned out to be Torture-Gruesome ... CIA spinning frantically after getting bad marks from the Senate ... Latest federal election saw woeful voter turnout ... From Our Man in Washington ... Read more ... 

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    "You don't expect to run into a terrorist at a human rights awards event." 

    Attorney General Senator Brandis after David Hicks heckled him at the Human Rights Commission awards night. December 11, 2014 ... READ MORE >>

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    On the Couch ... The former president of the NSW Court of Appeal is at it again ... Another sparking book on lawyers and the law ... Published in time for Christmas' stockings ... Tall stories and true ... Keith Mason is venting on Justinian's couch ... Read on ... 

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    Justinian's archive

    Spigelman stars in epic crime thriller … Mrs Spigelman draws literary inspiration from the eastern bloc … "Role model" judicial appointments in NSW … Justinian’s Tubby Callinan on the lecture circuit … The prosecutor as passionate photographer ... From Justinian's archive, December 13, 2007 ... Read more ... 




    Letter from the Map

    Ellis hanging on for pre-Christmas appeal decision ... Law Society misses out on seminar bonanza ... Solicitor involved in toilet scuffle now on trial for tickling the till ... The Map of Tasmania 

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    Bar council royalists collapse

    Royalist faction fails to consolidate electoral gains ... Fracture and isolation ... Wiser heads prevail as youngsters fail the chook raffle test ... Meanwhile, QCs saddle-up at VicBar 

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    Excuses, excuses

    Nifty Legal Aid scam sees WA solicitor thrown off the jam roll ... Sneaky website directed legal aid applicants straight to Perth law shop ... Also, Queensland solicitor survives a failure to declare income to the ATO and Centrelink ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Wimmin and Whitlam's legacy

    Gough Whitlam had a profound impact on the rights of women ... His government was at the forefront of engaging women in the workforce ... There's still a long way to go, says Queensland barrister Kylie Hillard 

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    Dire consequences

    The fallout from the Supreme Court's "money talks" theory of participatory democracy ... US Supremes give green light to states' marriage equality laws ... Prosecuting a non-war crime with no connection to the US ... Senate report on CIA torture soon to be buried ... Useful revelations from presidential libraries ... Roger Fitch reports from Washington 

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    No breach of the fortress 

    Calls for ICAC to be closed down or for its hearings it be held in secret found no support in the NSW Supreme Court ... The anti-corruption body is looking stronger than ever ... Round One in Cunneen v ICAC 

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    Visigoths invade the temple

    Inner sanctum woes ... Turmoil in the street of shame ... Tricoteuse at the guillotine ... Disquiet over NSW bar election outcome ... Bar-Bar 

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    Cunneen v ICAC - hold tight

    Judge says he'll deliver judgment on Monday ... Declarations sought by crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen that ICAC is acting beyond power ... Corruption commission agrees to delay public hearing into allegations till Tuesday 

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    Rise of the bunyip silks 

    NSW bar elections sees pro-QC ticket romp home to take a majority on the council ... Bloodbath pending on the executive ... Members rally around pro-QC Cunneen ... Future looks uncertain as vanity triumphs 

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