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No breach of the fortress ... Calls for ICAC to be closed down and its hearings it be held in secret find no support from the NSW Supreme Court ... Round One in Cunneen v ICAC ... Read more ... 

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Dire consequences ... The fallout from the Supreme Court's "money talks" theory of participatory democracy ... US Supremes give green light to states' marriage equality laws ... Prosecuting a non-war crime with no connection to the US ... Senate report on CIA torture soon to be buried ...  Roger Fitch reports from Washington ... Read more ... 

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Brisbane barrister Kylie Hillard argues that the lack of female judicial appointments in Queensland is damaging confidence in the courts ... Disappearing women ... Warnings from Michael McHugh ignored ... Overwhelmingly white and male gives rise to perceptions of injustice ... Read more ...

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    "I don't think we will ever have a Bill of Rights in Australia and I hope we never do. There are three things that keep Australia democratic: a vigorous parliamentary system; a free and sceptical press; and an incorruptible judiciary that administers laws in a fair and effective manner."  

    Former Prime Minister John Winston Howard, Law Society of NSW Journal, November 2014 ... READ MORE >>

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    On the Couch... Former tax lawyer Dan Young rides the wave of the inner-city bicycle boom ... We've lured Dan off the saddle and onto Justinian's couch to learn about the the transition from law to the art of bicycle mechanics ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Angela Liati, the "solitary crusader" caught up in the Marcus Einfeld case ... The cat loving, Boston Legal watcher has some strong views about what needs to be changed about Australia and the legal system ... She was on Justinian's couch in November 2008 ... A tiny treasure from our archive ... Read more ... 



    The Whitlam era's landmark law reform achievements

    The law and the Whitlam government's reforms ... A welter of changes and improvements ... Dragging Australia into the modern era ... Hostilities aplenty 

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    Queensland's women problem

    Brisbane barrister Kylie Hillard argues that the lack of female judicial appointments in Queensland is damaging confidence in the courts ... Disappearing women ... Warnings from Michael McHugh ignored ... Overwhelmingly white and male gives rise to perceptions of injustice 

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    Portraits of the law 

    Yarraside bar launches portrait gallery of ancient monuments ... How to shop in a wig and gown ... Stalled career relaunched at the bar ... Standby for silk fest ... Fighting for you 

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    Law in the Age of Terror

    Alien Tort law gives a leg-up to Abu Ghraib victims ... Preview of new Supreme Court term ... DoJ's misuse of state secrets privilege ... US ranking of billionaires according to their political influence ... Latest report on judicial corruption ... Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington, reports 

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    Dodgyland in a nutshell

    Where are we now with ICAC's revolving door of shamed politicians? ... Will there be public executions? ... Pressure from Liberals to defenestrate ICAC ... Slimmed down Big Man speaks out ... McCloy's capers  

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    Constitutional crisis

    Slicing-up the pie for the post-admission legal education market ... Lots of loot at stake as College of Law tries to push the NSW Law Society off a cliff ... Constitutional amendment ... Getting out from under the skirts 

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    Bad lawyering

    Theft, forgery, buried loot, obsessive infatuations, fabulous explanations ... Things "turned sinister" for Bendigo solicitor Euan Vance ... He pinched $1.2 million and got two-and-a-quarter years on the bottom ... Excellent prospects of rehabilitation ... Kate Lilly reporting 

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    Deutschland, Deutschland, Über Alles

    New name for Wentworth's 7-Up ... Victorians get to grips with litigation costs ... No pillow talk about Canberra sex workers 

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    Justice, with one foot forward

    William Eicholtz's Lady of Justice is firmly ensconsed on the wall of the Country Court building in Melbourne ... Arts writer Mark Holsworth speaks to the sculptor and finds out how he went about creating this bold expression of justice  

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