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Court room calamities ... Solicitors struck down in the Defamation Court ... Replacing Reg at the NSW Dizzo ... Garry Neilson benched after pressure from AG ... Read more ... 

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Polly Peck ... David Hicks and the law of war ... US appeals court says there is no such war crime as "material support for terrorism" ... Where does that leave the over-blown attacks on Hicks by Howard, his ministers and the willing pawns of the Murdoch press? ... Read more ... 

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Errors needs to rest before he's fit to play ... Flanas selected as strong all-rounder ... Appointed to help the team carry Errors Carmody around the QE11 Cauldron ... Latest from the sports desk ... Read more ...

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    "I have expressed and the Attorney has expressed very clearly our respect for the courts of Queensland and the great work that they do. 

    I also put on the table issues that have concerned the government and I guess there are some agreements about the way we are going to work together going forward. 

    In summary, there is a very clear commitment from this government and I believe the people we have spoken to today, to work together for Queenslanders." 

    Queensland Premier Campbell Newman after a "productive" meeting with the Chief Justice, the Chief Judge of the District Court and the Chief Magistrate. July 24, 2014  READ MORE >>

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    Labor candidate for the seat of Sunnybank is well-known Brisbane solicitor Peter Russo ... Driven into politics by the Newman government's assault on criminal defendants and the independence of the judiciary ... Russo is on Justinian's Couch ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Lawyers and money ... Reprising Bret Walker SC's famous St James Ethics Centre speech on lawyers and their money ... Law and social justice ... From the Banco Court at the NSW Supremes ... October 18, 2005 ... Read more ...



    The story of Timbo and the Paste Pot

    Calamity Carmody ... Confidence in his cogency found wanting ... Error ridden judgments ... Heavy on the glue ... Wrong citations ... Cockeyed reasoning ... This is the government's idea of a "fine legal mind" ... Headmaster's report card 

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    Carmody concussed

    Sports News ... Medicos who took Lions legend J. Brown off the paddock are now examining Timbo Carmody ... It has been a brutal season ... The risk of playing a concussed Carmody ... Is Can Do as smart as Joh? ... Sports editor Erik Jekyll reports 

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    Ticket clipping

    The threat to the Queensland bar's power to issue tickets ... Did Bleijie give a nod or wink to this threat? ... The Fiji option looms ... Carmody fallout ... From Queensland barrister Alex McKean 

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    Show and tell

    Disclosure in the Eastman case ... Martin report finds significant amount of material not disclosed by the prosecution to the defence ... Disputes among expert witnesses ... Failure to disclose found to be inadvertent ... Nonetheless, there was a denial of procedural fairness 

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    Carmody of Errors

    The politicisation of the Chief Justice ... Divisions deepen ... Lord Eldon's straddle ... Fresh round-up of The Carmody Capers ... From our Brisbane field agents  

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    Carmody update

    Collection of gems from Timbo CarmodyCJ-in-Waiting ... Latter-day Albert Piddington? ... Carmody's best lines ... Brief history of the new CJ's long forgotten low points ... NSW barristers say politicalisation of Queensland appointments taints the QC selection system  

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    Brisbane seething with possibilities

    Queensland bar president Peter Davis resigns citing lack of integrity in the process surrounding the appointment of Tim Carmody as CJ ... Carmody seeking support from the judges ... Bar threatened and confidences leaked 

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    Timbo on top

    Tim Carmody - Queensland's top dog of justice ... Fast track to chief justiceship ... Government anoints favourite cheer leader ... Triumph of the toadies ... Pineapple Pol reports 

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    Adornments to the law return to the fold

    The Keddies' case never ceases to amaze and confound ... Partners in NSW's biggest overcharging scandal back plying their trade ... Barakat and Roulston succeed in applications to have the Law Society issue them with tickets 

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