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The great debate ... Brandis v Dreyfus ... Attorney General is called a disaster, a liar, a failure and delusional ... Federal judges make unprecedented entry into election campaign calling for more to be allocated to the courts to handle domestic violence at the "coal face" ... Parliament misled by the attorney general ... Read more ...  

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Attorney General Brandis asserts political influence over Solicitor General Justin Gleeson ... Government access to the Solicitor General to be controlled by AG ... More outsourcing of constitutional advise to the private bar ... Ideological agenda at play ... Read more ... 

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A look at Boris in action

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Murder into manslaughter, and maybe back again ... The Baden-Clay case in the High Court ... Artemus Jones claims that appeal courts have a history of handing out softer sentences to perpetrators of violence against women ... Populist outcry verses learned legal commentators ... Read more ... 


A place in the community ... Barely Legal samples the delights of both community law and Big Law ... The canapés are better at Big Law ... Scuffed brown shoes confirm his place in the hierarchy ... Read more ... 

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    LEIGH SALES: But I think people watching this also want to know that you're listening to them and what those polls tell you is that there's something that you're doing which they don't like.
    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Well why don't you ask me a question about it?
    LEIGH SALES: Well I am asking you a question about it. What do you think - what do you think - what do you think has happened that you have lost that ginormous chunk of approval?
    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Leigh, I am not going to be drawn into that kind of introspection ... 

    Interview with PM Turnbull on the ABC's 7.30, June 8, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … www.glj.com.au 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Ian Hancock is the biographer of Tom Hughes QC, a hero of the Sydney bar ... He has submitted to Justinian's probing, intimate questions on the eve of the book's publication ... Biographing a biographer ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Tubby's in the firing line ... It's a wheeze on the High Court ... Japes fly thick and fast from droll judicial wags ... There were two in two days ... From Justinian's archive of transcribed morsels ... Read more ... 



    Fairfax courtroom dramas - a loss, a win

    Defamation and sources ... Nick Di Girolamo, Sydney lawyer, Liberal party operator and Obeid frontman withdraws from defamation trial against The Sydney Morning Herald ... Court of Appeal orders up journalists' sources in blow against investigative journalism 

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    High Court muddles the advocates' immunity

    Advocates' immunity survives on High Court's flawed reasoning ... "Finality" not a compelling proposition - particularly when the court allows negligence claims against lawyers in some litigation-related circumstances ... Artemus Jones despairs 

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    That's not funny

    Appearing before the gods of the bench ... Dire warning about flippancy in court ... Correctly reading the judicial temperament ... Traps for young players ... Junior Junior on adjournment techniques 

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    Wills and spills

    Where there's a will the High Court will find a way ... Solicitor has no duty to protect beneficiary against estate-depleting relatives ... Hannah Ryan court-side ... News from The Map 

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    Barrister up for $150,000 in defamation damages

    Queensland barrister makes grave and baseless allegations online about police officer ... Defendant's conduct improper and unjustified ... Copper cleared by coroner ... Triviality defence goes down in flames ... Seb Tonkin reports 

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    Bar grovels to shocking shock jock

    "Good morning" ... Noel Hutley apologies to radio bully ... Bar cover-up on leaks concerning private discussions about members ... UPDATE: DPP's woeful performance in the Lynette Daley case ... Brandis aims High 

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    The electorate needs to concentrate on the camps

    Just as Labor candidates are breaking ranks on asylum policy Burnside launches a new book on offshore detention ... Former appeals judge Stephen Charles says Manus and Nauru are "concentration camps" ... Madeline Gleeson examines what happens to refugees when they are out of sight, out of mind 

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    "If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal"

    Fourteen years after filing a habeas petition, Guantánamo prisoner is released ... US claims right to indefinite detention , at will ... When did the US war with al-Qaeda commence? ... Kansas Republicans want to impeach the state's judges, for disobedience ... Voter suppression ... Republican convention and "open carry" ... Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington 

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    King hit

    Court orders scandalous allegations against lawyers to be removed from the court file and sealed ... Application to restrain plaintiff's travel overseas made in the mistaken belief that he was about the leave the country ... No basis in claim that lawyers acted unprofessionally ... Seb Tonkin reports 

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