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The guano flies ... Abuse of power by heads of state in Nauru and PNG ... Asylum seeker dumping grounds ... Australia unconcerned about abuses and corruption on our doorstep ... Read more ...

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on the couch

Labor candidate for the seat of Sunnybank is well-known Brisbane solicitor Peter Russo ... Driven into politics by the Newman government's assault on criminal defendants and the independence of the judiciary ... Russo is on Justinian's Couch discussing important things, like food, the use of breath fresheners and the contents of his bedside table ... Read on ... 

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Obituary ... Peter Lyons remembers Peter Underwood ... Governor of Taswegia, former chief justice, former judge ... Social justice and legal education were his calling cards ... Read more ... 

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Errors needs to rest before he's fit to play ... Flanas selected as strong all-rounder ... Appointed to help the team carry Errors Carmody around the QE11 Cauldron ... Latest from the sports desk ... Read more ...

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    "I think Mr Assange should be man enough to face the allegations against him of being a sexual predator

    Attorney General George Brandis, July 17, 2014 

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    Justinian Featurettes

    Labor candidate for the seat of Sunnybank is well-known Brisbane solicitor Peter Russo ... Driven into politics by the Newman government's assault on criminal defendants and the independence of the judiciary ... Russo is on Justinian's Couch ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Lawyers and money ... Reprising Bret Walker SC's famous St James Ethics Centre speech on lawyers and their money ... Law and social justice ... From the Banco Court at the NSW Supremes ... October 18, 2005 ... Read more ...



    Partners and grads - a tale of two firms

    Law grads adjusting to life in the law ... Cultural misfits ... Learning to conform to law firm stereotypes ... Barely Legal discovers the Social Bermuda Triangle ... I spent Saturday at Bunnings ... How was your game of golf? 

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    Picnics at Hanging Rock

    Lawyers Full Employment Act ... Royal Commissions and ICAC costs research ... Governments' much needed economic boost for struggling legal caper ... Kate Lilly fossicks for the numbers ... Lawyers' Stud Book 

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    Shut up Murray, stop being so unhelpful 

    The launch of The Smiler ... Crusty members of the legal tribe gather to celebrate Murray Gleeson and his biography ... Choice snippets ... Pertinent observations 

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    A substantial miscarriage of justice

    UPDATE ... Report of the Eastman inquiry goes to the ACT Supreme Court ... Trial infected by flawed forensic evidence ... Former public servant spends 19 years in jail for murder of senior police officer ... Former prosecutor sues for defamation ... Full Court finds Justice Martin's inquiry into Eastman's conviction affected by judicial error ... Recommendation that Eastman be pardoned and his conviction quashed 

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    Boulten off into the wide blue yonder

    Why has Phillip Boulten resigned as president of the NSW bar? ... Shock and dismay ... Rumour and speculation ... Pending judicial appointment or a long holiday? 

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    Hocking the budget

    Essential programs slashed and burnt in Hockey budget - including Bret Walker's job ... Here comes Mega-Trib ... Fancy bookshelves ruled out-of-order for Chinese judges ... How to get a remedy against an indigent blogger  

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    The corn is as high as an elephant's eye

    The deep and rich jurisprudence of the US Supremes ... What a Catholic god-fearing majority can do to the law ... FBI caught meddling in Guantánamo commissions ... CIA weapons stash discovered ... Oklahama experiments with new execution drug ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch 

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    Top end turmoil

    Parliamentary allegations against NT magistrate blithely ignored by the government ... Allegations of intimidation and offering inducements to a rebel MP ... Step outside and I'll sue ... It's different up here ... Buffalo Bruce reports 

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    Right royal skewering of NSW republicans

    Victorian silken-one warns about the evils of NSW SCs ... Where is the public interest? ... NSW should adopt the Victorian silk selection model ... The inferiority of Senior Counsel ... Discuss among yourselves  

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