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Vixit sees the rise of a new Boris ... Victorian bar council plotting to pull out of the Law Council of Australia ... Gentle academic enters the Phillip Street hornets' nest ... Timbo Carmody in Brisbane ethics fest ... Read more ... 

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Further unintelligible conundrums ... Gerard Baden-Clay tried a new angle on appeal ... The Qld Court of Appeal swallowed it ... The High Court didn't ... Lingering shadows of R v Kear ... Multiple case concepts ... Allowing an accused two bites of the cherry ... Read more ... 


The five phases of law firm fresherdom ... Barely Legal in a legal workplace ... The pattern of behaviour that faces inductees ... Repetition and application ... Respect beckons ... Read more ... 

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    "This is so close now you can touch it."

    Attorney General George Brandis trying to persuade the Oppisition to support legislation for the same sex marriage plebiscite. September 14, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    David Lemmings ... On The Couch with Professor David Lemmings ... Exploring the life and times of the English bar in the eighteenth century ... He has also studied the early role of the press in reporting criminal trials and the part it played in forming public opinion about justice and the courts ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Yeldham - cracks and crevices ... Remember NSW Supreme Court Justice David Yeldham? ... The powers-that-be knew of his activities in the railway toilets of the underground, but looked the other way … From Justinian's hard copy archive, September 1997 ... Read more ... 



    High Court's 12 point plan

    Fonting and spacing special leave submissions ... Bar refers itself to the Bureau de Spank ... McClintock SC opposes Inspector Dave's scheme to defenestrate ICAC ... Barristers Chambers Limited - a great consumer experience ... Former Tas solicitor general Sealy knows a thing or two 

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    Life with Hormones

    Sentencing Harriet Wran ... Media discount ... Opportunities for the press to influence custodial outcomes ... Justice Ian Harrison's scrapes with the media ... Sentencing parity and the disadvantaged  

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    Judicial productivity report

    How supreme are NSW Supreme Court judges? ... Justinian's judicial productivity calculations ... Volume of judgments per judge for the last 31 months ... Guess who's top of the tally, and who's bottom 

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    How Rupert Murdoch went bad

    According to Evan Whitton, Rupert Murdoch went bad 56 years ago, and stayed bad ... Always with an eye on the main chance for number one ... The Rupert Max Stuart affair ... The role of Sol Chandler ... Playing tootsies with Gorton and Whitlam ... Hacking and Milly Dowler ... Wilful blindness 

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    Raked off

    Rake is only a fraction of the truth ... Other contenders for the Cleaver Greene role ... Redrawing the Sykes-Picot lines ... Renoir captures Western happiness at its best ... The High Court - shifty when it comes to protecting minorities ... Robert Jackson J and the purpose of a Bill of Rights ... Procrustes roams far and wide 

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    Rolling out the big guns

    University professors fight Texas gun laws in court ... The importance of this election to SCOTUS ... Remembering Zbigniew Brzezinski's advice for the US to act "unpredictably and in anger" ... The Republican FBI chief's Trumping of Hillary Clinton ... From Roger Fitch - Our Man in Washington 

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    Kerr's tax dodge - thanks Allens

    Allen Allen & Hemsley's Uncle Charlie tax scheme for Sir John Kerr ... Kerr's last drunken months as GG were spent planning an elaborate tax subterfuge ... Cloak and dagger for Mr Frederick King 

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    Chartering rights the wrong way

    Human Rights psychosis ... Timidity takes over ... Where to now for a human rights charter? ... Queensland politicians failure to seize the moment ... Victoria may be on the cusp of a new rights scheme  

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    Cascade Coal - vindication for ICAC

    Important victory for Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW Court of Appeal - conveniently ignored by anti-ICAC campaigners ... Corruption findings against Sydney business identities stay the course ... Important underpinnings for ICAC ... Fraud ... Directors' duties ... Hannah Ryan gets to grips with the judgment 

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