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Lawyers rule ... The Rule of Law Institute ... Transparency missing in action ... Involvement with shadowy corporate lobbyist ... Synchronicity of clients' business interests with agenda of the RoLI ... Read more ... 

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Judge's meddling ... Victorian Country Court judge in trouble for over-zealous bollicking of defence counsel during criminal trials ... Trials tainted by judge's "heated conversations" with counsel ... From Barry Lane ... Read more ... 


Weasels on the march ...Law faculty study guides are infested with weasel words and incomprehensible babble ... Law lecturers should fight back ... Blogger Barely Legal says the law is being attacked by rotten language ... Read more ... 

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    "Were he to be successful I am sure [it] would contain nothing more interesting than a day-by-day study of the weariness and drudgery of my life." 

    Attorney General George Brandis, responding to AAT proceedings by Opposition spokesman Mark Dreyfus, who is seeking the release of the AG's diary schedule under FOI -- proceedings which Brandis is vigorously resisting. November 6, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Noel Hutley ... Freshly elected president of the NSW bar is on the couch ... Steeped in the law ... Barrister to his bootstraps ... Reading, films, music, food, regrets and refrigeration all covered ... Have we spelled his name correctly? ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    L.C. Gruzman, I. Temby & Teddy Kennedy ... From the Rewind Office … Justinian’s hard copy archive coughs-up snippets from 1988 … Laurence Gruzman’s fear of AIDS infected Qantas stewards … Ian Temby’s fearlessness … And the Australian Legal Convention – a bridge too far for Teddy Kennedy ... Read more ... 



    Love letters to a cat

    Love in the seventies ... A young Malcolm Turnbull warns his ex-girlfriend’s cat about the treachery of new boyfriends ... Cat asked to intercede in broken romance drama ... A Justinian exclusive ... From the archive, June 17, 2009 

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    Another birching for Sandy Street

    Federal Circuit Court judge's failure to observe procedural fairness ... Departure from binding authority ... Arguments not properly grasped ... Failure to read tendered document ... Emily Meller reports 

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    Kicking around the Calvos

    Conduct of colourful Sydney solicitor described by Justice Bergin as "quite disgraceful" ... Lawyer's evidence "unsatisfactory" ... Behaviour would cause a reasonable observer to "lose confidence in the integrity of the legal profession" ... "Breathtaking" grasp for shares in clients' company ... Kate Lilly on the case 

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    Border Force on parade

    Blunders ahead as Australian Border Force gets to grips with "reasonable suspicion" ... Australia's refugee intake - much more woeful than the PM would have us believe ... Richard Flanagan wide of the mark on Border Force powers ... Government by smoke and mirrors ... Procrustes on the beat 

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    The fine print

    Costly business ... In and out of time ... Just and fair ... Better late than never ... Clients drag itemised bills out of personal injury law shop ... Opaqueness of billing ... Precious details in small print ... Delay in seeking cost assessments not fatal ... Peter Garling to the rescue ... Kate Lilly on the case 

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    Mrs Turnbull's gift

    When our newest Federal Court judge had her reputation vindicated with a healthy award of damages ... Clutz wrestling former partner Chris Dale every step of the way ... AFP's new deputy commissioner for capability 

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    American after-glow

    Connecticut's Supreme Court kills the death penalty ... Locating the new Guantánamo ... Extrajudicial abduction ... Psychologists withdraw from the chamber of horrors ... John Robert CJ's abiding fear of the right to vote ... Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington 

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    Royal Commission pain

    The Heydon inquiry into trade unions is just one of a number of royal commissions to get into political trouble - including Petrov and the political bribery scandal in Tasmania ... Shortcomings with Dyse's Luddite defence ... Why backout from the Barwick lecture if there was no resulting reasonable apprehension of bias? 

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    Heydon and his debacle 

    Like Earl Warren, Dyson Heydon will come to regret accepting a government commission ... Sufficient evidence to support a legal finding of apprehended bias ... Sydney lawyer Graham Hryce teases out Heydon's curious reasoning 

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