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Bar shtum on leaks ... Geoffrey Watson SC hung out to dry ... Inside information about NSW bar's disciplinary process leaked to the press ... Counsel assisting chewed-up in ongoing News Corp war against ICAC ... Read more ... 

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Labor lawyers now working for the banks ... What if Slater & Gordon had not floated ... The downside of going public ... Restructuring already underway ... Litigation defendants seizing on S&G's vulnerability ... Read more ... 


Second-hand hearsay ... Stories from the depths ... Café life for Junior Junior as she soaks up the tittle-tattle and innuendo ... Channelling F.E. Smith, Birkett and Marshall Hall ... The story must be true if told by another barrister ... Read more ... 

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    "I suppose it's because they’re always getting up and down and helping somebody and putting something in a dishwasher or whatever they're doing, because they don't have enough staff." 

    HM The Queen's explanation why her grandchildren find it difficult to communicate with each other. The New York Times, April 23, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Patrick O'Sullivan ... The life and times of Patrick O'Sullivan QC ... On the Couch with the new president of the Australian Bar Association ... Issues confronting the ABA ... Where to from here? ... Adelaide or bust ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Sins of omission ... DPP brings tax case against eccentric barrister Cliff Pannam QC, then gives character evidence for him at bureau de spank ... From Justinian's bulging archive ... Let the heady days of September 1991 be a salutary reminder to all of us ... Read more ... 



    Submarines Galore

    Beaucoup de Canard




    The bouncing Czech

    Melbourne solicitor admits to being in contempt of court for warning client's family to avoid process server ... However, not liable for "disparaging" the court ... Transfer of European properties in defiance of Yarraside court orders ... Scandalisation ... Consideration of contumacious and contumelious conduct 

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    History of two legal systems - timeline

    Evan Whitton's unique history of the law and its development ... Common law and European law ... Evolution of the inquisitorial and adversarial systems ... 2700 BC to the present day 

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    Where to now with the Cunneen intercepts?

    Parliamentary ICAC committee in a quandary about Cunneen tapes ... Lawyers called in ... Damien Tudehope's sorry history of covering-up 

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    Dave Cameron's big European deal

    British PM shuttles back and forth to Brussels and Paris ... Deal to keep Britain with one foot in Europe ... Do the Poms care that much - other than having access to cheap European holidays? ... Cabinet split on June 23 vote ... Police feeding the media with dirty old man cases ... Leverhulme's London Calling 

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    Out of bounds

    Our Julian and house rules at the Ecuadorian embassy ... The Tub goes to town ... Brandis' judicial appointments policy ... Cunneen rallies support for the old empire, with help from Planet Janet 

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    Scalia - the consequential contrarian

    Nino Scalia's departure sees much of the US Supreme Court's Republican agenda thrown into doubt ... Reagan's judicial appointment was too extreme for most of his colleagues ... Author of unthinkable decisions of gun ownership, campaign funding, and the right to vote ... Originalism and distorted views on capital punishment and women ... Roger Fitch in Washington assesses Scalia's legacy 

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    Patrick O'Sullivan

    The life and times of Patrick O'Sullivan QC ... On the Couch with the new president of the Australian Bar Association ... Issues confronting the ABA ... Where to from here? ... Adelaide or bust 

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    The rain never stops

    Top US law firm partners now billing at $US1,500 an hour, plus ... "Colourful" DLA Piper partner says, "We just raise them every year" ... The rise and fall of a New York rainmaker ... How many blenders does a lawyer need? 

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    The geese that cooked themselves

    Cunneen's line about the "fake" chest pains unravelling fast ... Slices of phone intercepts leaked to the media contradict NSW senior crown prosecutor ... Attempt to delay Sophia Tilley's blood test after car accident ... Desperate calls to block the release of the tapes ... Levine's report and News Corp campaign looking dreadfully unwell ... The story that keeps on giving 

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