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Award winning Paris-based Australian painter and portraitist Rebecca Driffield showcases her work on Justinian ... More ...

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Big day for Yarraside Queens ... ICAC learns about Greeks and Hellenes ... Shady mortgage entrepreneur caught by party snaps ... Modest wedding preparations for London solicitor ... Read more ...

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Bigot Watch ... Soapy on the free speech balustrades ... 100 flowers to bloom ... Anti-Muslin groups rally in support ... Polly Peck reports ... Read more ...

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Your editor singing for his supper at the Copyright Symposium feast ... Copyright creator in a sea of copyright curators ... Speech ... Speech ... Speech ... A few wintery smiles from W. Gummow  ... Read more ...

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    "Even in the members stand, you walk around and think - I can see bra, I can see cellulite and everything is very short. When you go to where Fashions on the Field is held, everyone looks impeccible and it would be nice if that started filtering through to the racecourse as a whole." 

    Marlia Saunders, lawyer at Ashurst, Sydney, finalist at Derby Day's Fashions on the Field at Randwick. The Sydney Morning Herald, April 11, 2014  READ MORE >>

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    Jay Williams is the barrister appearing for a group of the asylum seekers on Manus Island ... He was deported by the PNG government ... Further proceedings are pending ... Up close On the Couch ... Read more ... 

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    Da Mystery of the Da Vinci Code litigation ... Forgotten heros of the Sydney Institute ... Larry Adler Dinner disappoints ... A slice of history from the "Uglies" ... Queensland's fearful Bureau de Spank ... That was then ... Read more ...



    Back to school

    The age of entitlement ... Barely Legal discovers that the Legal Services Award covers graduates who haven't been admitted ... 20 days of paid leave up for grabs ... Is the College of Law worth it? ... Surviving in an era of bonded labour 

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    The search for meaning 

    The blessed world of Sydney Law students ... Bronze statues outside the law school capture the zeitgeist ... A message for today ... The interior and the exterior 

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    Notes from the justice beat

    Homeless shelter from the law ... Roughshagger speeds-up ... Hanger history ... Was Boy George a solicitor? 

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    Line-up for new CJ of Queensland 

    Names, form and potential ... Who's in contention for the chief's job ... Age and weight a factor ... Farewell Daphnis - it was great fun 

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    Failure to seem unprejudiced

    Joe Antoun and corruption in the construction industry ... Recalling stand-over man's experience with NSW District Court judge ... Dead crim remembered 

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    Barrister sunk over pork-pies to District Court 

    Long struggle for Christine Nash ... Desperation in stumping-up money for a property scheme led to an unfortunate end to life at the bar ... Balmain property developers have reason to cry 

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    The unexpected

    More delicious NSA revelations ... Getting off the no-fly list ... Guantánamo update ... Remaking the law of war ... Botched executions ... Wall Street's lack of conviction ... Roger Fitch files from Washington 

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    Diary of a law graduate

    Barely Legal joins Justinian's team of bloggers ... A sense of failure sets in early ... Fluffing her way through VITs ... The cruelty of senior associates 

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    The avalanche to upgrade

    Rush for the patent letter at Vic's Bar n Grill ... Surge of SCs with hands-up for queen's bauble ... Monarchist sympathies awakened 

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