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Book Week ... The latest fiction from Ian Callinan ... The latest facts on Timbo Carmody ... The Belvedere Woman - a tragic story about snobs in Brisneyland ... Three academics tear the thin silk from Tim Carmody's alabaster shoulder in a bodice ripper about his tortured tenure as chief justice ... Read more ... 

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Free speech heroes ... Section 18C wheeled out for one more trot around the track ... "Call me short, call me fat, call me a Queenslander" ... The lunar corner of the senate chamber says offence is always taken, not given ... Not racist, just haters ... Free speech zealots and consequences for offshore "processing" ... Procrustes lets fly ... Read more ... 


No Fee - No win ... Junior Junior's phone hasn't rung for weeks ... Cultivating the appearance of busyness ... Smoke and mirrors ... Fake briefs ... Knowledge of cheese ... The critical importance of the correct sized folder ... Read more ... 

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    "It is the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission to promote tolerance, not to encourage a culture of grievance." 

    Attorney General Senator George Brandis, responding to Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane's suggestion that the AHRC is available to consider complaints by Aboriginal Australians about an offensive cartoon by Bill Leak. August 12, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Ian Hancock is the biographer of Tom Hughes QC, a hero of the Sydney bar ... He has submitted to Justinian's probing, intimate questions on the eve of the book's publication ... Biographing a biographer ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Where has the dignity gone? ... Advertising for judges and the dignity of the bench ... Magistrates' status on the up-and-up ... Federal Court's Melbourne marketing blitz ... Privilege tussle over Sydney bar's Stephen Archer documents ... Grief sweeps VicBar over Faris' resignation ... From Justinian's archive, October 2007 ... Read more ... 



    "United" Kingdom's amazing scenes

    London Calling ... British politics goes wobbly post-Brexit vote ... Contenders line-up for Tory leadership ... Who are they? ... Boris bonked out of the field ... Labour in chaos ... Leverhulme explains 

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    Term's up for the US Supremes

    US Supremes scraping along one judge down ... Clarence Thomas distinguishes himself ... The failed Guantánamo experiment ... Detainees banned from reading senate's Feinstein report ... FOI and the release of CIA torture documents ... Obama adopts slabs of Bush law ... Lawyer donors snub Trump ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch 

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    Keeping an eye on a future attorney general

    State politics ... Ambitious law and order barrister and MP making waves on the backbench ... Frontbench beckons ... The story of the missing fee agreement  

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    Bill me, thrill me

    Another chapter in the colourful life and times of Sydney solicitor Leigh Johnson ... NSWCA knocks out her fees of $2 million plus ... Working for more than 24 hours a day ... Australian Institute of Music ... A "most unusual" bill of costs ... Estoppel, with "extremely unusual" facts ... Hannah Ryan reports 

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    A monstrous monstrosity

    Deliriums on the Derwent ... Fear and loathing at the Taswegian bar n' grill ... Terrifying missives ... Unauthorised threats ... Dealing with a "hive of Sydney insects" ... The Map all shook-up 

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    Brandis and his "boutique controversies" 

    Following his debate with George Brandis on Monday evening, shadow AG Mark Dreyfus QC gives an assessment of his opponent and reviews the damage wrought by the current attorney general ... "Not fit for office" 

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    Murder into manslaughter, and maybe back again 

    The Baden-Clay case in the High Court ... Artemus Jones claims that appeal courts have a history of handing out softer sentences to perpetrators of violence against women ... Populist outcry verses learned legal commentators 

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    Remain or Leave

    David Cameron looking vulnerable ... European referendum a big miscalculation ... It didn't have to be like this ... There'll be a lot of sorting out if Britain leaves ... Hillary Clinton and Christopher Hitchens on the murder of Jo Cox ... Leverhulme's London Calling 

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    A place in the community

    Barely Legal samples the delights of both community law and Big Law ... The canapés are better at Big Law ... Scuffed brown shoes confirm his place in the hierarchy ... Blog post 

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