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Nettle's best ... Yarraside judge's wedding toasted in dark beverage reserved "for mature gentlemen" ... Controversy over CJ's bill leads to defections from the International Tribunal for Natural Justice ... NSW's QC campaign dead as a dodo ... Read more ... 

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Changing the rules ... Citizens United has transformed the landscape of campaign finance in the USA ... How the US trashed its prisoner-of-war obligations and clung onto Guantanamo Bay ... Rupturing the Geneva Conventions ... Impunity for the Pentagon under loose standards ... Roger Fitch files from Washington ... Read more ... 


The minimalist republic ... The white-out way to change the Constitution ... Replace "Governor General" with "President" 46 times ... Traps and pitfalls in re-running the quest for a titular and executive Australian head of state ... Lawyer Bruce Donald on the case ... Read more ... 

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    "The whole thing is a total attempt to annihiliate what they think is a very political conservative, when I was told I had a chance to be a Supreme Court judge." 

    NSW Deputy senior crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen explaining why the Crime Commission provided tapes containing her conversations to ICAC. Australian Financial Review, February 5, 2016  ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Jane Sanders ... From poolside in Penang Jane Sanders pays tribute to her hairdresser ... The principal solicitor at Sydney's Shopfront youth legal centre climbs onto the couch to talk about her regrets and triumphs ... Read more ... 

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    Pressing issues ... Collapse of Street of Shame's chambers market ... LCA's mission statement for lawyers ... Chrissa Loukas overlooked for 60 Minutes ... Fairfax wipes Bantum of the Opera's costs ... Promotional franger ... What life was like in 1993 ... From Justinian's archive of stories ... Read more ... 



    Beyond the pale

    NT DPP is the law ... CLP fund raiser not prosecuted for alleged breaches of the Electoral Act ... Not in the public interest ... Prosecution of person accused of sexually abusing Aboriginal children also dropped ... Not in the public interest ... Dishing out the nollies ... Buffalo Bruce reports from Darwin

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    Judge's meddling could not be cured by jury directions

    Forceful spanking of trial judges by appeal benches ... Victorian Country Court judge in trouble for over-zealous bollicking of defence counsel during criminal trials ... Trials tainted by judge's "heated conversations" with counsel ... Back to school 

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    Clive doesn't discriminate

    Racial discrimination complaint against venerable barrister thrown out ... Harvesting votes at the Queensland bar ... QC offended by Soapy's snub ... Paying for a day in the life of Mr Wolf ... Snoozing ex-judge found in Iran 

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    ICAC, afloat in a sea of leaks

    Margaret Cunneen claims ICAC is leaking to News Corp ... News Corp says ICAC is leaking to Fairfax ... Inspector Dave says he's not leaking to anyone ... Spivs and logrollers line-up for free kicks ... Get your fresh leaks here 

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    The Hammer sends papers to the Law Society

    Court finds that solicitor misled bank in loan application and made untruthful claims in his defence ... Lawyer under "significant financial pressure" ... Doctored documents ... Defendant's evidence "beggars belief" 

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    Copy cat

    Full feds on the case ... Refugee tribunal member substantially copied previous reasons of another member, which rejected application by a Tamil asylum seeker ... Failure by RRT member to apply independent considerations ... Go back, start again 

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    Sandy Street overturned in pooch discrimination case

    Virgin Australia should have allowed "Willow" to fly ... Numerous appellable errors in disability discrimination case ... Full Feds to the rescue ... Primary judge should have paused for "reflection" ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Weasels on the march 

    Law faculty study guides are infested with weasel words and incomprehensible babble ... Law lecturers should fight back ... According to blogger Barely Legal, the law is being attacked by rotten language 

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    Uglier by the day

    UPDATE ... Increasingly rancid accusations in NSW bar election ... Utterly extraordinary campaign ... Inaccurate claims ... Latest muck from Phillip Street 

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