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Rebirthing OzCar ... Credit Suisse boss sues Melbourne University Press over the Godwin Grech chapter in Paddy Manning's biography of Malcolm Turnbull ... Unhappy memories of Malcolm's earlier attempt at leadership ... Love letters from Godwin ... Defamatorium ... Read more ... 

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Teresa May, head of a most right wing government

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The vote that doesn't court ... Same sex marriage plebiscite far from a sure thing ... Brandis' proposal for compulsory voting hits a constitutional impediment ... Parliamentary vote the only way to resolve the issue ... Read more ... 


The constitutionality of unrepresentative swill ... One Nation's senators-elect and their brushes with the law ... Queensland Court of Appeal avoided getting too close to the facts in the Hanson fraud case ... One Nation candidate from WA up before the court for car theft ... Ineligibility and the Constitution ... Read more ... 

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    "I believed that the decision to go into Iraq was justified at the time and I don't resile from that because I thought it was the right decision."

    Former prime minister John Howard, speaking after the findings of the Chilcot report. July 7, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Ian Hancock is the biographer of Tom Hughes QC, a hero of the Sydney bar ... He has submitted to Justinian's probing, intimate questions on the eve of the book's publication ... Biographing a biographer ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Judicial spin ... Vic CJ Marilyn Warren told a room of journalists that "judges don’t spin" ... Oh yes they do … Some of them not very cleverly … What Marilyn needs is proper spin training from Spiggsie Spigelman … Tulkinghorn investigates ... Read more ... 



    The electorate needs to concentrate on the camps

    Just as Labor candidates are breaking ranks on asylum policy Burnside launches a new book on offshore detention ... Former appeals judge Stephen Charles says Manus and Nauru are "concentration camps" ... Madeline Gleeson examines what happens to refugees when they are out of sight, out of mind 

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    "If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal"

    Fourteen years after filing a habeas petition, Guantánamo prisoner is released ... US claims right to indefinite detention , at will ... When did the US war with al-Qaeda commence? ... Kansas Republicans want to impeach the state's judges, for disobedience ... Voter suppression ... Republican convention and "open carry" ... Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington 

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    King hit

    Court orders scandalous allegations against lawyers to be removed from the court file and sealed ... Application to restrain plaintiff's travel overseas made in the mistaken belief that he was about the leave the country ... No basis in claim that lawyers acted unprofessionally ... Seb Tonkin reports 

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    Cross-examination interruptus

    Justice Michael Adams birched by NSW Court of Appeal for excessive interference during a trial ... Trial was procedurally unfair ... Start again ... No finding of apprehended bias ... Seb Tonkin reports  

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    Bob the Builder goes to court

    Senator Bob Day asks Peter King to ask the High Court to overturn senate election reforms ... Four pronged attack on Electoral Act amendment ... Hannah Ryan courtside 

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    Shakespeare on refugees

    Shakespeare had some fine things to offer politicians and judges on refugees and how to treat them ... Procrustes says it should be compulsory for ministers of the crown to read Measure For Measure ... More bribes on the way for PNG following the Supreme Court decision on the Manus Island detention centre 

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    Chest-beating from Macquarie Street's new lawn-order man

    Draconian legislation in NSW to combat "serious" crime ... British equivalent extends its reach to trivial offences ... NSW's law and justice policies being run by the police ... Liberal MP, Henskens SC, defends police state measures and criticises the bar for speaking out ... Ill-informed political attack 

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    British exports

    Global divorce funder heading Down Under ... while British commercial law shops are hauling offshore loot back to London 

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    Trials and tribulations

    Waterstreet dips in and out ... NSW's land titles registry on the block ... Law & Justice Foundation being starved to death ... Another trial for David Eastman

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