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QC or bust ... NSW ginger group seeks to prise open the QC treasure chest ... Leagues Clubbers in cry for full plumage ... Rise of the one percent ... Read more ... 

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Migration agent scandal ... Barry Lane's memo to Hon. Scott Morrison ... Obsessed about backdoor boats, the minister has neglected the shonks at his front door ... Being dishonest is no disqualification for being a migration agent ... Read more ... 

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Aye - Proccy does the Isles ... Procrustes in sleeting Scotland ... Picking-up the vibe of Tony Abbott's contribution to the Scottish independence debate ... In England, our very own Geoffrey Roberson weighs into the police raid on Cliff Richard's Berkshire digs ... Read more ...

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    "All my life I have fought for and tried to help the most disadvantaged people in the community."

    Treasurer Joe Hockey apologising for his attempt to justify an increase in the fuel excise by saying, "the poorest people don't have cars or actually don't drive very far". Radio 2GB, August 15, 2014 ... READ MORE >>

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    Justinian Featurettes

    Too much speech ... The Human Rights Commission's symposium on free speech, under the baton of Freedom Boy ... Originally designed to reboot the s.18C reforms, the show lost its sizzle because Soapy Brandis' didn't turn up ... Many still clinging to the hope that one day we'll get a Bigots' Bill ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Murdoch's local lawyer-in-chief Ian Philip back in the news again ... This time threating action against anyone who publishes leaked internal News Corp documents about the poor health of its newspapers ... Last time Justinian mention Philip it was March 2005 and Justice Tamberlin was unimpressed with his "substantially excessive" claims of privilege in the C7 case ... From our bulging treasure trove of stories ... Read more ...



    Timbo on top

    Tim Carmody - Queensland's top dog of justice ... Fast track to chief justiceship ... Government anoints favourite cheer leader ... Triumph of the toadies ... Pineapple Pol reports 

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    Adornments to the law return to the fold

    The Keddies' case never ceases to amaze and confound ... Partners in NSW's biggest overcharging scandal back plying their trade ... Barakat and Roulston succeed in applications to have the Law Society issue them with tickets 

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    Carmody rising

    The stage is set for Queensland government's favoured bovver boy of the bench to be legged-up to CJ ... Deep soundings with the bar and QLS ... "No criticism" undertakings have been extracted by the Conveyancer General ... Cossack says Carmody is unsuitable to lead the judiciary ... Bar as good as endorses chief magistrate for CJ

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    When NO means YES

    Senate estimates hearings ... The pedantic mind of Soapy Brandis ... Freedom Boy has the floor ... Drafty exposure ... Polly Peck reports ring side at senate estimates 

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    You ... in the hoodie

    Law students required to do a survey to rate the performance of Dr Criminale ... Last class before the exams ... Quietness descends ... Marking procedure for borderline students 

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    Partners and grads - a tale of two firms

    Law grads adjusting to life in the law ... Cultural misfits ... Learning to conform to law firm stereotypes ... Barely Legal discovers the Social Bermuda Triangle ... I spent Saturday at Bunnings ... How was your game of golf? 

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    Picnics at Hanging Rock

    Lawyers Full Employment Act ... Royal Commissions and ICAC costs research ... Governments' much needed economic boost for struggling legal caper ... Kate Lilly fossicks for the numbers ... Lawyers' Stud Book 

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    Shut up Murray, stop being so unhelpful 

    The launch of The Smiler ... Crusty members of the legal tribe gather to celebrate Murray Gleeson and his biography ... Choice snippets ... Pertinent observations 

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    A substantial miscarriage of justice

    UPDATE ... Report of the Eastman inquiry goes to the ACT Supreme Court ... Trial infected by flawed forensic evidence ... Former public servant spends 19 years in jail for murder of senior police officer ... Former prosecutor sues for defamation ... Full Court finds Justice Martin's inquiry into Eastman's conviction affected by judicial error ... Recommendation that Eastman be pardoned and his conviction quashed 

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