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Courtside notebook ... The days when graduates could go straight to the bar are over ... WA CJ says Perth law firm would not prefer its own interests in liquidation dispute ... Wayne's law ... Kate Lilly courtside ... Read more ... 

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Wither Great Britain ... Despite the loss of the YES campaign, Scotland will be given more powers by the wimps at Westminster ... Leverhulme surveys the referendum campaign ... And meets someone who Fights Like a Girl ... Read more ... 

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A matter of principle ... The debate about the appointment of Qld CJ Tim Carmody ... Appointing a lesser candidate raises the concern that the choice was all about political favours ... Judicial independence skewered ... Stephen Keim and Alex McKean examine the debating tricks and bald assertions ... Read more ...

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    "I felt embarrassed. I did, I couldn't believe it, because I had genuinely believed it." 

    Former prime minister John Howard, explaining his reaction when he discovered Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Seven Network, September 21, 1014 ... READ MORE >>

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    Justice, with one foot forward ... William Eicholtz's Lady of Justice is firmly ensconced on the wall of the Country Court building in Melbourne ... Arts writer Mark Holsworth reports ... Read on ... 

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    Justinian's archive

    Murdoch's local lawyer-in-chief Ian Philip back in the news again ... This time threating action against anyone who publishes leaked internal News Corp documents about the poor health of its newspapers ... Last time Justinian mention Philip it was March 2005 and Justice Tamberlin was unimpressed with his "substantially excessive" claims of privilege in the C7 case ... From our bulging treasure trove of stories ... Read more ...



    God's little helpers

    Sacrilege - Neil McPhee Room used for VicBar god bothering ... Fr Lucas splashes holy water on lawyers after being told to step down ... Peter Fox supporters point to adverse findings against commissioner ... Phillip Street divorce papers served 

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    Landmark judgments

    Big Jim Byrne's litigation funding caper with a 25 percent commission ... Divorcee in unsuccessful struggle to unwind funding deal ... Roger Rogerson plays a starring role as a "mediator" ... Also, a tedious dispute about the cost of transcribing file notes ... "Bordering on the unseemly" ... Reports from courtside 

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    Speculations from The Map

    It's Erich's say so ... Flags half-mast ... Who'll be Tasmania's new governor? ... Where to for Lieutenant Governor Mr Squiggle? ... Solicitor General's job goes begging ... What now for the Ellis appeal? 

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    Step outside

    Appointment of CLP aligned top-end magistrate ... Furious row over appointment at NT estimates committee ... Attorney General questioned about his role in the selection of a friend and benefactor ... Water, water (not everywhere) ... Tales from the Top End with Buffalo Bruce 

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    National roundup from the Bureau de Spank

    Advocates immunity spreads its wings ... Pressuring client to settle found to be justified ... Perth lawyer claims a vendetta by the complaints committee ... Unexpectedly borrowing at 60 percent interest ... Paper shuffling at bar ethics exam ... The subjective test for recklessness ... Bureau de Spank ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Royal news

    Exclusive ... Penny Makepiece, freelance Royal reporter, with details on Tim Carmody's swearing-in ... Protocol issues confront the installation of a commoner to the coveted top spot ... Concerns about crowd control have forced the coronation to be held at the Registry Office 

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    Neville Wran's shadow

    Round 97 of the Waterhouse stoush ... Scion of horse-racing and gambling dynasty makes allegations of judge fixing ... NSW Supreme Court respectfully disagrees ... University of Sydney settles Kim Walker case ... Alex Mitchell at-large 

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    End of term

    Supreme Court lets God into the Affordable Care Act ... And strikes down certain compulsory union dues ... At last - a Guantánamo detainee charged with a genuine war crime ... Obama's Taliban prisoner swap ... Whatever you do, don't shoot at an American in a war ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch 

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    News morsels

    Victoria's preferred style for noting silken appearances ... High quality exotic entertainment in Adelaide ... Telegraph v Slipper ... Royal Commission to put DPPs in the box ... Dyse distracted ... Soapy sooling s.18C onto the ABC 

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