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Where's Gorgeous George? ... Woe is Launceston ... AFP puts its foot in it ... LGBTI policy ... Trying to out-rainbow the Greens ... Safe Schools safe under Labor ... But churches can continue to discriminate ... Legal aid funding and celebrity endorsements ... Read more ...



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Yarraside's fragrant delights ... Marketing breakthrough as barrister appears on the side of trams ... Reptiles of the media warned not to connect coke sniffing associate with Federal Court judges ... Hands up for deputy NSW DPP ... Gilbert + Tobin spruces its image but keeps the plus ... Industrial action - how the Poms campaigned effectively against Cameron government's legal aid cuts ... Read more ... 

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High Court muddles advocates immunity ... Immunity survives on High Court's flawed reasoning ... "Finality" not a compelling proposition - particularly when the court allows negligence claims against lawyers in some litigation-related circumstances ... Artemus Jones despairs ... Read more ... 


That's not funny ... Appearing before the gods of the bench ... Dire warning about flippancy in court ... Correctly reading the judicial temperament ... Traps for young players ... Junior Junior on adjournment techniques ... Read more ... 

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    "I think Greg Hywood has done a great job in getting us to where we are." 

    Sean Aylmer, head of Fairfax news media, explaining the job losses, shredding of content and general decline of the company's newspaper business - orchestrated by CEO Greg Hywood. Mumbrella, May 25, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Where's Gorgeous George? ... Woe is Launceston ... AFP puts its foot in it ... LGBTI policy ... Trying to out-rainbow the Greens ... Safe Schools safe under Labor ... But churches can continue to discriminate ... Legal aid funding and celebrity endorsements ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Sins of omission ... DPP brings tax case against eccentric barrister Cliff Pannam QC, then gives character evidence for him at bureau de spank ... From Justinian's bulging archive ... Let the heady days of September 1991 be a salutary reminder to all of us ... Read more ... 



    Difficulty with the word "could"

    Another expert queries the mysteries of the High Court in ICAC v Cunneen ... Legal historian Evan Whitton draws inspiration from Bob Trimbole ... Appeal courts akin to casinos 

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    The failure to rein in rapacity

    Legal profession regulation is a structural mess ... Former Queensland legal services commissioner, John Briton, says the professional associations should vacate the regulatory field ... Too much self-interest, not enough consumer protection ... Law firm cultural issues unaddressed ... Shameful billing practices 

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    Wild about Ian

    Ian Neil takes barrister websites to a whole new level of glamour ... BarNet takes over authorised Victorian reports ... Politicians and commentators warned off the judicial patch ... John Nicholson joins Inspector Dave ... Context and information missing from Inspector Dave's Cunneen report  

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    Duty barrister late on duty

    Claim of mental illness unsuccessful in setting aside disciplinary findings ... Barrister rents property to vulnerable client ... Conflicts of interest ... Late to court ... Mental illness does not mean conduct cannot be unsatisfactory ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Be careful what you wish for

    Barry Lane deconstructs the High Court's majority reasons in ICAC v Cunneen ... Strange exercise in conflation ... Contrary to those joyfully proclaiming that ICAC has been defenestrated, there has been a useful expansion of crucial powers for the corruption fighter ... It's as if parliament reenacted the provisions that the High Court muddled 

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    Supreme Court judge goes to court 

    The Map of Tasmania ... Justice Wood sues over super scheme complexity ... Looking for judges ... In a wink ... New ale honours the Ed. 

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    Trying to be civil

    More juries, please ... NSW barristers seek to shift control of personal injury trials away from judges ... Claims that civil trials with juries are cheaper and quicker ... More research needed ... Campaign underway with luminaries in support ... Turning back the clock ... For and against 

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    The bouncing Czech

    Melbourne solicitor admits to being in contempt of court for warning client's family to avoid process server ... However, not liable for "disparaging" the court ... Transfer of European properties in defiance of Yarraside court orders ... Scandalisation ... Consideration of contumacious and contumelious conduct 

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    History of two legal systems - timeline

    Evan Whitton's unique history of the law and its development ... Common law and European law ... Evolution of the inquisitorial and adversarial systems ... 2700 BC to the present day 

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