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Corruption busting ... Will ICAC retrieve its mojo? ... The High Court will decide on the powers of the most effective corruption fighter in the country ... ICAC's pen has been "put down" ... Read more ... 

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US senate torture report ... Torture-Lite was a by-word of the Bush era ... It turned out to be Torture-Gruesome ... CIA spinning frantically after getting bad marks from the Senate ... Latest federal election saw woeful voter turnout ... From Our Man in Washington ... Read more ... 

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    "You don't expect to run into a terrorist at a human rights awards event." 

    Attorney General Senator Brandis after David Hicks heckled him at the Human Rights Commission awards night. December 11, 2014 ... READ MORE >>

    Justinian Featurettes

    On the Couch ... The former president of the NSW Court of Appeal is at it again ... Another sparking book on lawyers and the law ... Published in time for Christmas' stockings ... Tall stories and true ... Keith Mason is venting on Justinian's couch ... Read on ... 

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    Justinian's archive

    Spigelman stars in epic crime thriller … Mrs Spigelman draws literary inspiration from the eastern bloc … "Role model" judicial appointments in NSW … Justinian’s Tubby Callinan on the lecture circuit … The prosecutor as passionate photographer ... From Justinian's archive, December 13, 2007 ... Read more ... 




    Dodgyland in a nutshell

    Where are we now with ICAC's revolving door of shamed politicians? ... Will there be public executions? ... Pressure from Liberals to defenestrate ICAC ... Slimmed down Big Man speaks out ... McCloy's capers  

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    Constitutional crisis

    Slicing-up the pie for the post-admission legal education market ... Lots of loot at stake as College of Law tries to push the NSW Law Society off a cliff ... Constitutional amendment ... Getting out from under the skirts 

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    Bad lawyering

    Theft, forgery, buried loot, obsessive infatuations, fabulous explanations ... Things "turned sinister" for Bendigo solicitor Euan Vance ... He pinched $1.2 million and got two-and-a-quarter years on the bottom ... Excellent prospects of rehabilitation ... Kate Lilly reporting 

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    Deutschland, Deutschland, Über Alles

    New name for Wentworth's 7-Up ... Victorians get to grips with litigation costs ... No pillow talk about Canberra sex workers 

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    Justice, with one foot forward

    William Eicholtz's Lady of Justice is firmly ensconsed on the wall of the Country Court building in Melbourne ... Arts writer Mark Holsworth speaks to the sculptor and finds out how he went about creating this bold expression of justice  

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    Wither Great Britain

    Scotland on the edge ... Even if the "Yes" campaign loses, Alex Salmond will be given more powers by the wimps at Westminster ... Leverhulme surveys the referendum campaign ... And meets someone who Fights Like a Girl 

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    A matter of principle

    The debate about the appointment of Qld CJ Tim Carmody ... Appointing a lesser candidate raises the concern that the choice was all about political favours ... Judicial independence skewered ... Unseemly spectacle ... Lapdog antics from local newspaper ... Stephen Keim and Alex McKean examine the debating tricks and bald assertions 

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    Courtside notebook

    The days when graduates could go straight to the bar are over ... WA CJ says Perth law firm would not prefer its own interests in liquidation dispute ... Wayne's law ... Kate Lilly courtside 

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    Procrustes sidles-up to the Slovenes

    Travel News ... Procrustes visits Ljubljana and gives praise to the brave Slovenes ... Then to Siena and murals representing the effects of good government on the city and countryside ... Medieval message about justice 

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