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Belling Brandis ... Brandis in strife again ... Caught up in post-truth politics ... The solicitor general did the AG a favour ... Timeline that shows how Soapy weaved and wavered before protecting "the interests of the Commonwealth" ... Read more ... 

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The Trials of Justice Murphy ... Launch of Stephen Walmsley's book The Trials of Justice Murphy ... Legal and political history ... Mixed crowd from the law, journalism and literature receive David Marr's speech in frosty silence ... Despite the jury verdict, the question remains, why did Lionel do it? ... Marr's launch speech, unexpurgated ... Read more ... 


Almost fit and proper ... ACT admission ... Legal practitioner with list of offences and mental issues ... Artemus Jones says ACT Court of Appeal judgment is wrong in law ... Supervision regime unworkable ... Suppression of practitioner's name keeps it in-house ... Read more ... 

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    "Study law, get admitted and become the Chief Justice of Australia." 

    Prime Minister Turnbull extolling the inspiring example of Susan Kiefel at the announcement of her appointment as chief justice of the High Court. November 29, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Greenway: forging ahead ... Sydney's newest chambers with bold ambitions ... Generous open spaces ... Seeking engagement with the wider world ... Feature laden fit-out ... Francis Greenway - an inspiration and a cautionary example ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Indeminity costs for egregiousness ... Defamatorium ... Clive Palmer's lessons in how not to wage a defamation action ... Acting for himself, then switching back to lawyers ... Failure to comply with case management rules ... Delays ... Last minute attempt to reactivate his case ... Submission for judge to recuse herself ... The kitchen sink ... Read more ... 




    God and human rights

    God botherers unite ... Litigation arm of the Australian Christian Lobby to fight for religious bigotry ... Legal swat teams at the ready ... God controls human rights, not the state ... Naaman Zhou investigates 

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    Cash registers for sale

    Contagion ... NSW selling the land titles registry to private operators ... Other states like the idea ... A fortune awaits successful tenderers ... Milking critical infrastructure ... ASIC company database also on the block ... Politicians ignore ACCC warning about mismanaged privatisations 

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    Voyager litigation still afloat

    The never ending Forster-Voyager litigation ... On and on it grinds ... Latest wrap from Justin Pen ... The Victoria solicitor has a partial win and two losses ... Receivers recover 70 percent of their costs ... Legal Services Board one step further along the road to strike-off case 

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    Troubles in the print room

    Searching for the worthwhile bits in Chris Mitchell's book Making Headlines ... Weird editor criticises weird politicians ... Lecture on "quality journalism" from a News Corp editor whose paper never turned a decent profit ... Graham Hryce's review 

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    A Paramount house of straw

    Ghost of Keddies ... Phoenix-type arrangement ... While clients are suing for breach of contract the principal puts one law firm into liquidation and recommences business with a new entity ... Supreme Court orders principal to compensate clients for overcharging ... Third party costs order ... Justin Pen reports 

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    Pork Pies from Gorgeous George

    Attorney General Brandis fudges the facts about consultations with the Solicitor General ... The truth withheld from parliamentary statement tabled by the AG ... Brandis taking control of the process by which the SG provides opinions to ministers, departments and agencies on questions of law ... Senate inquiry into AG's actions and the truthfulness of his statements 

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    Murphy's Law

    Secret documents into allegations against former High Court Justice Lionel Murphy could be available after September 25 ... Statutory embargo to end shortly ... Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into behaviour of Justice Murphy ... Release of documents now subject to written authority of the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Reps ... Last vestige of suppressed information is nigh 

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    The five phases of law firm fresherdom

    Barely Legal in a legal workplace ... The pattern of behaviour that faces inductees ... Repetition and application ... Respect beckons 

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    Further unintelligible conundrums

    Gerard Baden-Clay tried a new angle on appeal ... The Qld Court of Appeal swallowed it ... The High Court didn't ... Lingering shadows of R v Kear ... Multiple case concepts ... Allowing an accused two bites of the cherry ... Barry Lane on appellant jiggery-pokery 

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