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How to win clients and lose friends ... Court told of "rogue" barrister plying for trade on the Gold Coast ... Local solicitors unhappy with online marketing claims ... Former client says he was poorly advised ... Barrister looking like a law firm ... Read more ... 

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Trump's posse of plutocrats ... Trump's cabinet of business oligarchs ... Conflicts with the whiff of corruption ... Climate deniers and fossil fanatics firmly in control at the Department of Energy and the EPA ... State department becomes a branch of ExxonMobil ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch ... Read more ... 


Year in review: triumphs and tribulations ... Holiday reading ... 2016 in many respects was a dispiriting year ... The cruel machinery of the criminal law caught up with a few notorious suspects ... Clumsy politics from the Commonwealth attorney general ... Sir John Kerr's tax dodge ... Synchronicity at the Federal Court ... Future for Brandis? ... Death at Runaway Bay ... Read more ... 

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    "I have made it a principle all my life never to ask for anything from any prime minister." 

    Rupert Murdoch in a letter to The Guardian, December 20, 2016. It was promptly contradicted by information from former prime ministers John Major and Tony Blair ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Report card on judicial performance ... Highs and lows of the judicial year ... Remembering Lionel Murphy, Tim Carmody and others ... Awe inspiring dirty linen ... Wig chaos in Victoria ... "Butt" squeezer Clarence Thomas at it again ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Seven good reasons why Spigs is not the highest CJ ... Robert French CJ is being farewelled throughout the land ... Here, from Justinian's archive, we remember his appointment ... July 2008 ... How did Spigs manage to run second? ... Read more ... 




    Judges behaving badly

    Global round-up of judicial misbehaviour ... The USA, Canada, Nigeria, UK and Brazil ... Judges indicted, expelled and sent to the star chamber ... Money, sex and stupidity the main cause of judicial ruin ... Justin Pen reports 

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    The Misleader-General

    Brandis trying to remember whether he got a fee discount from his AAT selection ... Grim reaper sweeps up George Masterman and former forensic medicine man ... Tickets for Sydney Grill Room elections ... Can former judges still be QCs? ... Proper finery for attendees at Melbourne jamboree ... And for High Court judges 

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    Gleeson ahead on points, but not enough to sink Brandis

    Attorney General Brandis is likely to survive this latest manifestation of his ineptitude ... Control freak attorney general damaged ... Parliamentary committee a circus ... Solicitor General Gleeson assisted by the performance of Coalition warthogs ... Legal Services Direction faces revocation ... SNAFU 

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    Mental as anything

    Pleb-O-Cite ... Same sex marriage ... The debate has already attracted some pretty nasty and hurtful comments ... A campaign could get quite lunar ... But media lawyer Graham Hryce argues that using the mental health argument to close off discussion is a step too far 

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    Equine milkshakes

    Frothy concoctions for racehorses ... Trainer with priors in the milkshake department ... Winding track to Vic Appeals over 0.1 millimoles per litre above the prescribed limit of muscle relaxant ... Rounding-up ... Gold for Kev at the Schweppes Handicap ... Barry Lane is trackside  

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    May the force be with you

    NSW Ombudsman takes aim at legislative changes to police conduct oversight regime ... New legislation lets coppers off the hook ... Limited power for Law Enforcement Conduct Commission to investigate serious misconduct and serious maladministration ... Police can determine the level of independent oversight ... Rebecca Wong reports 

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    Don't mess with Justin Gleeson

    Quite clear that attorney general George Brandis misled the parliament ... Consultations about quite different matters ... Meaning of the word "counsel" ... Meaning of the Law Officers Act ... Out-of-context and twisted selection of parts of a letter from the solicitor general ... Brandis' dishonesty  

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    Vixit update

    Fink's report on Vixit ... Discontent with Law Council's travel expenditure ... Conferenceville ... Victorian Bar wants more LCA money spent on barristers' problems ... No plan B for the Leave case ... Justin Pen reports 

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    The carnivorous world of litigation funding

    Litigation funder skates round non-compete agreement ... OK to reach out to former "client" but not a former "Client" ... Where Upper and lower case clash in the field of battle ... Solicitation without direct dealing ... No contempt ... Naaman Zhou reports 

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