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Judges behaving badly ... Global round-up of judicial misbehaviour ... The USA, Canada, Nigeria, UK and Brazil ... Judges indicted, expelled and sent to the star chamber ... Money, sex and stupidity the main cause of judicial ruin ... Read more ... 

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Wot's going on? ... Theresa May on Boris Johnson ... IPSO rules on headscarf journalism ... Exploding child sex inquiry ... Tory paedo scares ... Leverhulme's London Calling ... Read more ... 


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    "[Justin] Gleeson might have been wise not to attend a launch that was so wildly and openly antipathetic to the government's policies, politics and personnel. Yet Canberra insiders say Gleeson has given the book to at least one senior bureaucrat and possibly other senior judicial figures." 

    Chris Kenny, right-wing toad, ticking-off the solicitor general for attending the launch of his daughter's book, Offshore - Behind the Wire on Manus and Nauru.   The Australian, October 22, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

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    The retiring Philip Selth ... Long haul boss of the NSW bar bows out to write biographies and history ... Living underground for 19 years ... Former bureaucrat who knows where a lot of bodies are buried ... He's fidgety but has succumbed to the couch ... Read more ... 


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