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Bar grovels to shocking shock jock ... "Good morning" ... Noel Hutley apologies to radio bully ... Bar cover-up on leaks concerning private discussions about members ... DPP's woeful performance in the Lynette Daley case ... Brandis aims High ... Read more ... 

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UK Supremes continues injunction against publication of celebrity sex romp story


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The electorate needs to concentrate on camps ... Just as Labor candidates are breaking ranks on asylum policy, Burnside launches a new book on offshore detention ... Former appeals judge Stephen Charles says Manus and Nauru are "concentration camps" ... Madeline Gleeson examines what happens to refugees when they are out of sight, out of mind ... Read more ... 


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    "[Two QUT students were] at all times treated by the Australian Human Rights Commission with absolute, unequivocal and flagrant indifference, disregard, contumacy, hauter, distain, vilipendency and insouciance."  

    Submission by Anthony Morris QC (Lord Eldon) on behalf of two studence who claim the AHRC breached their human rights in the way a racial discrimination complaint was handled. Report by Australian Associated Press, May 1, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

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    Election 2016 ... Rally ... rally ... Legal Aid demos and Law Week festivities ... Aid for the poor - a soft political target ... Brandis' election terror beat-up ... Lawyers are revolting ... Read more ... 


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