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Vixit sees the rise of a new Boris ... Victorian bar council plotting to pull out of the Law Council of Australia ... Gentle academic enters the Phillip Street hornets' nest ... Timbo Carmody in Brisbane ethics fest ... Read more ... 

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Further unintelligible conundrums ... Gerard Baden-Clay tried a new angle on appeal ... The Qld Court of Appeal swallowed it ... The High Court didn't ... Lingering shadows of R v Kear ... Multiple case concepts ... Allowing an accused two bites of the cherry ... Read more ... 


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    "This is so close now you can touch it."

    Attorney General George Brandis trying to persuade the Oppisition to support legislation for the same sex marriage plebiscite. September 14, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

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    David Lemmings ... On The Couch with Professor David Lemmings ... Exploring the life and times of the English bar in the eighteenth century ... He has also studied the early role of the press in reporting criminal trials and the part it played in forming public opinion about justice and the courts ... Read more ... 


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