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 2008 - Launch of Crown Prosecutor's photograpic exhibition Legal Chameleons 

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Self promotion ... Academics scramble to peddle influence with High Court judges ... Government seeks new role for s.18C ... Twenty-one years later, the cheque arrives ... Read more ... 

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Polly Peck in Canberra looks at the Whitlam government's law reforms ... A welter of changes and improvements ... Dragging Australia into the modern era ... Hostilities aplenty ...  Read more ... 

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Brisbane barrister Kylie Hillard argues that the lack of female judicial appointments in Queensland is damaging confidence in the courts ... Disappearing women ... Warnings from Michael McHugh ignored ... Overwhelmingly white and male gives rise to perceptions of injustice ... Read more ...

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    "That complaint has come not just from the usual suspects of the paradoid fantasist left, but from reputable conservative commentators as well, including [The Australian's] Greg Sheridan. I respectfully disagree with their criticism." 

    Attorney General George Brandis defending security laws that criminalise reporting of special intelligence operations. October, 14, 2014 ... READ MORE >>

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    Justice, with one foot forward ... William Eicholtz's Lady of Justice is firmly ensconced on the wall of the Country Court building in Melbourne ... Arts writer Mark Holsworth reports ... Read on ... 

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    Are these people fit to run a casino? ... Packer consigliere John Alexander orders TV news story attacking Kerry Stokes and then demands reinstatement of the journalist he favoured to produce the attack ... Boning ... Suppression ... Backstabbing ... Vendettas ... From Justinian's archive, June 30, 2006 ... Read more ...



    Bathurst backdown on "drones"

    Tom Bathurst, chief justice of NSW, is punished for speaking the truth ... In the face of an outpouring of indignation from the usual suspects he modified his "mindless drones" criticism of large law factories ... Artemus Jones, who is not unfamiliar with dronery, leaps to the CJ's defence  

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    Keddies drops claim to pay $3.4 million in damages by instalments 

    Build-up of verdicts in District Court for overcharging ... Keddies Three put on affidavits as to how poor they are ... Application for time payment withdrawn as prospect of cross-examination looms 

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    A lustrous place in the sun

    The "rule of law" drum is repeatedly beaten as a way of reinforcing the great importance of lawyers and judges ... Yet, if the going got tough would lawyers, at risk to themselves, really stand-up for the rule of law? ... Or would they look the other way if faced with tyranny? ... Tulkinghorn provides an answer 

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    Spigelman trounced

    The High Court comprehensively knocks for six the NSW Court of Appeal's most peculiar decision in the James Hardie directors' case ... Duties of disclosure could not be more clear, or more necessary ... From Professor Michael Adams, dean of the law school at the University of Western Sydney ... Is Twiggy Forrest next? 

    Tricky bits in the budget 

    Polly Peck sniffs out some of the weirder corners of the federal budget … Drug money propping up the surplus … And access to justice takes a biff 

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    Twittering courts

    Baillieu government punts on a prison construction led recovery ... More prisons ... More crime ... More political swagger ... Waiting to test the new freedom from double jeopardy ... Twittering courts ... Yarraside Yarns with Sylvia Varnham O'Regan 

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    Triumph of remorse

    Rehabilitation through admission … Admissions Board in Queensland loses five year battle to keep applicant off the jam roll … Court of Appeal smiles kindly on 66-year-old with an "unsatisfactory past" … Peta Smith reports 

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    Word of the day is "client"

    Not a client for the purposes of seeking to declare a fee agreement null and void ... But, definitely a client when barristers need to hook into claims against the fidelity fund - in cases where solicitors have misappropriated the loot ... Interesting juggling from Vic Supremes 

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    Caledonian capers

    Leverhulme goes to Scotland and brings us news about Wee Eck ... The brawling MP for Falkirk ... The life and good works of Dame Elish Angiolini, former Scottish Lord Advocate ... Plus, who's putting the kettle on for Rupert? 

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