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QC or bust ... NSW ginger group seeks to prise open the QC treasure chest ... Leagues Clubbers in cry for full plumage ... Rise of the one percent ... Read more ... 

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Migration agent scandal ... Barry Lane's memo to Hon. Scott Morrison ... Obsessed about backdoor boats, the minister has neglected the shonks at his front door ... Being dishonest is no disqualification for being a migration agent ... Read more ... 

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Aye - Proccy does the Isles ... Procrustes in sleeting Scotland ... Picking-up the vibe of Tony Abbott's contribution to the Scottish independence debate ... In England, our very own Geoffrey Roberson weighs into the police raid on Cliff Richard's Berkshire digs ... Read more ...

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    "Forget the former lover stuff. Everyone makes mistakes and has a charity shag along the way. I just could not believe he had the audacity to sit there and want to cross-examine me." 

    Kathy Jackson, national secretary of the Health Services Union, on Melbourne barrister Mark Irving, with whom she'd had a sexual liason. August 29, 2014 ... READ MORE >>

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    Too much speech ... The Human Rights Commission's symposium on free speech, under the baton of Freedom Boy ... Originally designed to reboot the s.18C reforms, the show lost its sizzle because Soapy Brandis' didn't turn up ... Many still clinging to the hope that one day we'll get a Bigots' Bill ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Murdoch's local lawyer-in-chief Ian Philip back in the news again ... This time threating action against anyone who publishes leaked internal News Corp documents about the poor health of its newspapers ... Last time Justinian mention Philip it was March 2005 and Justice Tamberlin was unimpressed with his "substantially excessive" claims of privilege in the C7 case ... From our bulging treasure trove of stories ... Read more ...



    Steve Mark has to prove who he says he is 

    Legal Services Commissioner's appointment can be "inferred" ... Fumbling around to find documents to prove that Steve Mark was validly appointed at the time he lodged complaints about personal injury advertising by Robert Bryden & Lee Hagipantelis ... Flurry at ADT hearing  

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    I procrastinate

    The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel is an excellent distraction ... Junior Junior finds ways of putting off fee paying work right to the last minute ... Deadlines ... Smedlines 

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    Deafening silence

    Stillness surrounds the appointment of John McCarthy QC as Australian Ambassador to the Holy See … Silence from DFAT … The great man himself has gone to ground … Happy news withdrawn from bar website … Why all the mystery? 

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    Revenge is a kind of wild justice

    Roddy Meagher - tall tales and true … Keddies man dumps Woollahra pile … UK clients given cash before they win cases … Manbags on the High Court … Solicitor General gets a frothy top … Revenge of the Queensland bogans … Goings on … 

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    Senior judge tunes into Ray Hadley

    When it comes to sentencing NSW's chief judge at common law thinks shock jocks have a part to play … Community values from the crime zones … More handy contributions to the "debate" from Ray Hadley, Sydney's number one radio bruiser  

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    Moments to Dye for 

    Six month hearing in the sex harassment court … Commonwealth Bank stumps up a fortune to defend itself and a former employee in the Vivienne Dye case … Landscape littered with exhausted lawyers … Lure of the siren … Devastating judgment 

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    Litigation travesty

    Lawyers fail to comply with requirements for speedy, efficient proceedings ... Possible costs penalties ... Reference to Queensland Law Society and Bar 'n' Grill ... Reeves J unloads both barrels in Federal Court ... Sir Terence O'Rort reports 

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    Beggaring belief

    Round-up of latest findings from the Bureau de Spank in Western Australia and Victoria ... All the usual catastrophes ... Fibbing, failure to disclose, false evidence, overcharging, trust account fiddles ... Pierce Hartigan reports 

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    Life at USyd law

    A student writes ... The plight of women in the law debated in class ... St Paul's College ra-ras now a minority ... How things have changed ... Since Rake and Crownies summer clerkships at the ODPP are the hottest items in town 

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