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Lawyers rule ... The Rule of Law Institute ... Transparency missing in action ... Involvement with shadowy corporate lobbyist ... Synchronicity of clients' business interests with agenda of the RoLI ... Read more ... 

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Judge's meddling ... Victorian Country Court judge in trouble for over-zealous bollicking of defence counsel during criminal trials ... Trials tainted by judge's "heated conversations" with counsel ... From Barry Lane ... Read more ... 


Weasels on the march ...Law faculty study guides are infested with weasel words and incomprehensible babble ... Law lecturers should fight back ... Blogger Barely Legal says the law is being attacked by rotten language ... Read more ... 

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    "Were he to be successful I am sure [it] would contain nothing more interesting than a day-by-day study of the weariness and drudgery of my life." 

    Attorney General George Brandis, responding to AAT proceedings by Opposition spokesman Mark Dreyfus, who is seeking the release of the AG's diary schedule under FOI -- proceedings which Brandis is vigorously resisting. November 6, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

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    Noel Hutley ... Freshly elected president of the NSW bar is on the couch ... Steeped in the law ... Barrister to his bootstraps ... Reading, films, music, food, regrets and refrigeration all covered ... Have we spelled his name correctly? ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    L.C. Gruzman, I. Temby & Teddy Kennedy ... From the Rewind Office … Justinian’s hard copy archive coughs-up snippets from 1988 … Laurence Gruzman’s fear of AIDS infected Qantas stewards … Ian Temby’s fearlessness … And the Australian Legal Convention – a bridge too far for Teddy Kennedy ... Read more ... 



    Government's bar bill

    Crown keeping a tight rein on barrister expenses in NSW ... Funding for the bar virtually unchanged for two-and-a-half years ... Top fee last year for Crown Solicitor's civil work was $1,054,501.25 ... Full list of fees paid ... Another scoop from Justinian 

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    The saga of Jimmy Savile

    Rolf Harris named in the mainstream media following his arrest ... Now lawyers and MPs want to restrict naming of people arrested, but not yet charged ... The Jimmy Savile affair and the spread of allegations ... "Everyone" knew, but no one did anything ... Where's the money? ... Investigation industry thriving ... Theodora on the case 

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    The PM who was never quite real

    The nation turns against a sponger who'd milked the system ... Leverhulme farewells Thatcher, a revolutionary, not a Tory ... Brought down by a "howling intellectual error" ... London Calling 

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    VicAppeals scuttles Voyager lawyer

    Fallout from the Melbourne-Voyager collision ... Solicitor for victims loses his ticket ... Bad behaviour and lack of candour ... Drawn out case, as elderly clients suffer ... Alix Piatek reports 

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    Stamping out meanness 

    Bench and bar combine to squelch Jackson civil litigation cost reforms ... Latest scheme of improvement to costly litigation quietly throttled … Dame Elizabeth Gloster says judges should not be mean about barristers' fees … Alix Piatek reports 

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    Life at The Wall

    Appeal judge airs his knowledge of gay beats ... A family of "Best Lawyers" ... Drink-drive judge mentoring other judges ... New book takes us behind the scenes at the Judicial Commission ... Truly breathtaking arrogance 

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    Self-help solicitor struck off

    Rolled-up bundle of complaints against solicitor from the NSW northern rivers ... Harassment of former female client with 30 plus phone calls and text messages ... Forging JP's signature ... Breaching the sanctity of the solicitor-client relationship ... Other sins 

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    Keddies' nemesis fending off fee claims 

    Costs of costs dispute ... Firths fights bitter battle against former client ... Court finds that law shop's offers to settle were not genuine compromises ... Client's extravagant claims ... Each side sent home without a costs order 

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    Glory, glory, hallelujah

    Old guard rallies to the cause of female CIA agent glorified fictionally in Zero Dark 30... Latest from US Supremes, including forthcoming important gene patent case ... Secret no-fly lists tested in court ... DoJ's sweetheart deals with badly behaved banks and bankers ... George W. Bush's Liberty and Freedom Institute opens for business ... Our Man in Washington 

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