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More distressing news ... Einfeld-era siren appears in the courts ... Law Reform Commission now exists in name only, as bureaucrats move in ... It's Boston or bust as Australian briefs prepare for US jamboree ... Scramble to procure dead tax silk's live briefs ... Read more ... 

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Bizarre lost interview with Guy Burgess in Moscow

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Animal logic ... Legislation designed to make it harder to record and report episodes of cruelty to animals ... Cockies Corner in the box seat ... Also, barrister Judy Bornstein appointed to the dish-lickers board as part of a move to clean-up greyhound racing rackets ... Polly Peck with the hottest political news ... Read more ... 

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From refugee to refugee lawyer ... The extraordinary journey of Marina Brizar ... From war torn Bosnia to refugee work in Australia ... The recipient of the LCA gong for Young Migration Lawyer of the year ... A reminder of the welcoming possibilities of Australia ... Kevin Childs reports ... Read more ...

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    "Palazzo Ducale - it's an Italian restaurant in an elite palace, an ornate mansion, with an old rococo-style interior. It's one of my favourite areas on the Bulvar, the 19th century boulevard around the heart of old Moscow. The clientele is a combination of connected plutocrats, their hangers-on, families, and their girlfriends, who are stunning Russian models. There are always big black Mercedes and Bentleys parked outside. Once I was asked to chose the wine and was told by my host that the one I chose was not expensive enough. He sent it back."  

    John Denton, chief executive of Corrs Chambers Westgarth, and former diplomat, with his insider's guide to Moscow. Weekend Financial Review, March 14-15, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

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    Judge unimpressed with impressive looking advocate ... Someone called "Lord Chief Justice Thompson" said that Lord Harley could wear ribbons on his barrister's gown ... Except, there is no Lord Chief Justice Thompson and Lord Harley is not a barrister ... The transcript has emerged in the "Harry Potter" case ... Eccentricities galore ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Plunderable matter ... When lawyers "follow the fees" where does that lead the legal system? ... The business of privately funded criminal defence lawyers ... Why lawyers swapped horses ... Tulkinghorn traces the history ... From Justinian's archive, September 10, 2008 ... Read more ... 


    Bluto and Popeye: together in the Queensland Supreme Court


    Expensive Toyota breakdown 

    Litigation marathon … Brunswick lawyer out of time for umpteenth review of costs assessment … Ballooning costs for small time motor repair case … More from the Katzenjammer Kids … Has the spillage of ink been quelled? 

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    Take your hands out of your pockets

    Leverhulme in Dublin ... Amid the economic ruin and social dislocation, judges dispense "justice" in a pecularly Irish manner ... Judge's free-wheeling approach to contempt and libel ... Donegal men don't suffer fools, apparently 

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    In the steppes of Procrustes 

    Procrustes in China ... But first he has to get through Australian airport security ... Confiscation of shaving cream and deodorant ... He tears himself away from the Peking duck to report on his trip to the theatre ... Apologies to Ogden Nash ... Travels with the Jade Princess 

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    No porridge for spending money illegally

    Midway through the High Court's hearing of the Williams' case the government spotted a problem ... Hurried amendments to avoid the possibility of someone going to jail ... Parliament's surrender to the executive ... Rescuing the public service as well as the chaplains ... Polly Peck reports  

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    What news on the Rialto?

    UPDATE ... The Tub - a free speech man, after all … Buckled shoes, ruffs and other refinements for Circuit judges? … Martin Bryant's art obsessed lawyer out of the nick … Life after redundancy 

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    Jurors are smart in Barry World

    Attorney General Smith out of the loop on tweaking right to silence … Another police-driven initiative … Much squirming in Macquarie Street 

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    Being chased by a dog called Rhetoric

    Justice Virginia Bell on rhetorical devices and barristering ... It seems to be a male thing ... Distractions from the truth ... Tulkinghorn asks, where would the bar be without bad rhetoric? 

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    Clinging to the wreckage

    HMAS Voyager survivors waiting for their money as solicitor lodges appeals against revocation of his ticket and extension of receivership ... More disciplinary cases in the pipeline ... Receiver looking to claw back $7.15 million from overcharged fees ... Trial timetable 

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    Greek lam

    While bankers and economists are absorbed by the mechanics of the proposed bail-out of the Greek economy, our Athens correspondent Alex Mitchell considers the condition of Greece's criminal justice system ... Rex Jackson would be proud 

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