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Dysing with disaster ... Wrinkles in the Dyson Heydon story ... Parsing the emails ... A speech lost for all time ... Pulling out of the Barwick lecture moments before the story broke ... A history of "overlooking" ... Read more ... 

a leading case of apprehended bias

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Master tacticians ... Leverhulme looks at the work of two high achieving, yet modest men ... John Freeman of Face to Face fame and Jeremy Hutchinson QC, the top trial lawyer of his time  ... Cross examining Lord Birkett and other treats ... London Calling ... Read more ... 


Bush lawyers are just the ticket ... The worst job market for new lawyers is in South Australia ... SA law society's ethics unit examining a new law firm that promises work and training for lawyer interns, if they pay $20,000 plus ... Barely Legal reports ... Read more ...

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    "As an SAS officer with active service experience, I have demonstrated a capacity to fight for the Australian way of life."

    Preselection application of Andrew Hastie, Liberal candidate for the Canning by-election. Australian Financial Review, August 23, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

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    Viticulture in Van Diemen's land ... Lawyers and the grape ... Guy Green and William Cox - Tasmania's vine growing chief justices, who managed not to produce any wine ... Gabriel Wendler reviews a painstaking history of Tasmanian wine ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Entirely a matter for you ... "You are now to retire, as indeed should I, carefully to consider your verdict of Not Guilty." ... Reprise of the Peter Cook skit of the Jeremy Thorpe trial ... Entirely a Matter for You ... Evan Whitton, from Justinian's archive November 5, 2004 ... Read more ... 



    Outrages from the motherland 

    Overly aggressive cross-examination in sex case causes outcry ... Questions without solid foundation ... Northern Ireland chief prosecutor gets his solicitor advocates to tog-up ... Bar outraged ... Leverhulme reports from the Old Dart 

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    Concentrating the mind

    Nauru, where "undesirable" people are concentrated without trial, indefinitely ... VCAT rules on the fleeting nature of a kiss ... Police cover-up identity of person receiving $250,000 witness payment for the shaky Phuong Ngo conviction ... Procrustes at large 

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    Whales get their day in court

    HSI v Kyodo ... Challenging the government to protect Australia's Antarctic whale sanctuary ... Four years of Federal Court argy-bargy to get an injunction against Japanese whalers ... ICJ and the legality of Japan's permits under whaling "research" program ... Stephen Keim and Jordan Sosnowski look at the cases 

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    How to impose a sentence properly

    Judge hurls abuse at accused in sentencing proceedings ... The Far North Queensland sentencing model 

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    AAT prez birched by fellow Tasmanians 

    Full court of the Tas Supremes lays into Duncan Kerr ... Where was the case law? ... Unmeritorious applications ... Needless grounds of appeal ... Time wasting ... Costs punishment ... Map of Tasmania 

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    Hurt feelings

    Latest thrills and spills around the Defamation Court ... Reputations under fire ... Tony Renshaw v Lawyers Weekly ... Chief Madge v Daily Tele ... Ashurst Partner v Fairfax ... Littlemore, gentle but firm ... Defamatorium 

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    Doing time the whitefella way

    Mirian Margoyles' view of Australia as a land of opportunity and equality doesn't quite fit with the way whitefella law is dished-up to Aborigines in the Top End ... What to make of Dennis Rostron's case ... Observations from visiting London criminal lawyer Felicity Gerry 

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    Perfidy in peacetime

    The United States doesn't require a war for there to be "war crimes ... Stopping the "water cure" from flowing into the trial process ... European Court of Human Rights upsets the CIA's apple cart ... Roger Fitch files from Washington 

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    Back in the glare

    It's a pity the denizens of Sydney were deprived of reading many of the details of criminal proceedings involving the Ibrahim family ... Heavy-handed court suppression orders effectively shut-off news reporting of a conspiracy to murder case against Michael Ibrahim ... John Ibrahim's name also ordered to be unmentionable 

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