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News desk special ... Angelic death notices from the bar ... Soapy slips on FOI changes ... Unusual interlocutory costs order for Chris Dale ... Judge ticks off Abbott in letters' page ... Knock About's festive salute to the coppers ... Read more ... 

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The torture chronicles ... Splendid properties and the good life for the CIA's leading torturers ... Rectal rehydration deemed a normal medical procedure ... Feinstein report conveniently colour coded countries that hosted torture camps ... Life at the Salt Pit ... Roger Fitch reports from Washington ... Read more ... 

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Gagging the lawyers ... Queensland's Newman government sails into the election with its ideological agenda intact ... Community legal centres to lose funding if they speak out on government policy ... Throttling the voice of the vulnerable ... Stephen Keim and Alex McKean comment ... Read more ...

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    "He has been the consort to our Queen of Australia for so long, he's stood beside her. He's never been paid, there's going to be no golden handshake or anything like that. It's a job he's done as a volunteer." 

    Monarchist David Flint, welcoming the award of an Australian knighthood for Prince Philip. January 26, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

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    Justinian Featurettes

    On the Couch ... The former president of the NSW Court of Appeal is at it again ... Another sparking book on lawyers and the law ... Published in time for Christmas' stockings ... Tall stories and true ... Keith Mason is venting on Justinian's couch ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Spigelman stars in epic crime thriller … Mrs Spigelman draws literary inspiration from the eastern bloc … "Role model" judicial appointments in NSW … Justinian’s Tubby Callinan on the lecture circuit … The prosecutor as passionate photographer ... From Justinian's archive, December 13, 2007 ... Read more ... 



    Lympic delirium 

    Leverhulme in Chancery Lane after the Twitter "joke" case ... Free speech in the Old Dart ... Wallopers swoop on Twitterer who was rude about Olympic diving hero ... Lord Denning on Desert Island Discs ... New President of the Supreme Court's rocky beginning in the law 

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    Russell's dividend

    Scratching around Russell Keddie's estate to find a few bob for creditors … $23 million in claims against the former multi-millionaire solicitor … Public examination of Mr & Mrs Keddie … Creditors' meeting … Max Donnelly's third report 

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    Moles and field agents report

    Chinatown ... ACT's silk applications (update) ... Olympic hero struts his stuff ... PR man Pelly splits with NSW AG ... Jobs for the NSW Law Society boys ... Human rights jamboree 

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    Buying democracy

    The best Supreme Court that money can buy ... Republican appointees perform like "plutocratic hacks" ... Electoral spending and voting laws ... Latest torture news ... Drone killings prompt civil cases for wrongful deaths ... Bush lawyer urges repeal of "Hague Invasion Act" ... Roger Fitch reports from Washington 

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    Mallard - the final curtain

    Prosecutor fined and reprimanded for unsatisfactory conduct in the Mallard case … Notorious WA stitch-up by police … Administrative Tribunal finds prosecutor's conduct "inadvertent" … Failure to disclose evidence … No reasonable evidence to support DPP's submission about murder weapon 

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    The war against David Hicks may be over 

    Proceeds of Crime case against David Hicks folds ... Long period of vilification for Hicks may be over ... Admission of guilt in Guantanamo Bay "unreliable" ... Shadow of political meddling in criminal justice ... Soapy Brandis wide of the mark (again) 

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    Julian & Julian

    Julian Burnside QC gets the bums rush ... Response from attorney general to questions about US investigations and possible extradition of Julian Assange ... Government reply leaves open the equal possibilities that Canberra knows everything or it knows nothing ... It is certainly doing nothing … Polly Peck reports 

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    McLure firms

    Polly Peck sifts the probables and possibles to fill the forthcoming High Court vacancies ... After a series of batterings from the court, Labor could do with some friends at Gar's Mahal ... Notoriously difficult to find true believers these days ... Roxxy on a mission 

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    Double the trouble

    Spanking lawyers for misconduct is a double-handed affair, with professional and statutory bodies passing the parcel between themselves … Fractious row breaks out in Queensland ... Tom Westbrook examines the omelet that is "professional regulation"  

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