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deja vu

Gibberish dopes the judges ... It takes submissions from a dope fiend to have Queensland judges wrapping themselves in extra layers of dignity and producing weighty reasoning about delirious abstractions ... Sir Terence O'Rort reports ... From Justinian's archive, October 26, 2008 ... Read on ... 

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Can there ever be enough lawyers? ... Record numbers of law graduates being minted ... Australia currently producing one new graduate per 2,000 head of population ... More lawyers per head than the USA ... Comparative lawyer output in Australia, Britain, Canada and the USA ... Read more ... 

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Legendary litigator ... Barry Lane takes a look at the long and winding litigation career path of Melbourne solicitor Joseph Guss ... Has the courtroom crusader finally crashed and burned? ... Read more ... 

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It's getting colder, but student politics is heating up ... Election time on campus ... Operating in Stalin's shadow ... One student organisation is creating waves by under-spending its budget ... Barely Legal has the shocking details ... Read more ...

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    "For [Tim] Carmody to use the megaphone of the media to make demands of the government, as conditions of his leaving judicial life, is akin to putting a gun to his own head and saying, 'One more move, the chief justice gets it'." 

    Brisbane solicitor Bill Potts, Guardian Australia, May 27, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

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    Workplace law offers possible redress for immigration detainees ... Max Costello argues that OHS law could extend to immigration detention centres, schools and orphanages where children and others are abused ... Legislation binds the Commonwealth ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    The rank n' file are revolting ... Unspecified grumbling about president Anna Katzmann at the NSW bar 'n' grill saw the emergence of a "reform" agenda for the bar's 2008 AGM ... Also, stronger safeguards against customers who complain about barristers' performance ... Change unlikely ... From Justinian's archive, November 3, 2008 ... Read more ... 



    More news on the Molls at MONA 

    The Map of Tasmania ... Family Court cases set to music ... Pims for the Duchess ... His Excellency, the camera assistant 

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    Sex and death

    Shades of a torrid time in Townsville ... Media inquiries about Dyse ... Competition for Kirbs ... Slater & Gordon's referral fees ... How Queensland dropped out of the national profession reforms 

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    Protection racket

    Perpetrators of beastly college rituals protected by parents and fellows ... Barristers charge in as white knights for unruly students ... Due process for privileged ragbags ... To hell with the victims ... The outside world kept out 

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    Advice from the lower deck

    Combative words ... Canberra beak objects to florid phrases from Dyson Heydon ... Debasing respect for the judicial process ... Lessons in language 

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    Winners re-elected

    The ins and outs of the NSW bar council ballot ... Thumbs down for a few old stayers ... Inner sanctum remains solid 

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    Vote early, vote often

    Sydney and Melbourne bars go to the polls ... Same old candidates turn-up for re-election … Wall of men … Women fighting to be counted 

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    New cat on the roof

    Tribunal justice ... Special skills needed for new Bureau de Spank in NSW ... People who have been spanked are ideally placed to spank others ... A profusion of sore bottoms ... NCAT and the great tribunal aggregation ... Steering committee to be steered by reference group 

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    How much is at stake? 

    Tulkinghorn on competing civil litigation regimes ... The obstacle course regime involves truth-obscuring complexity and requires lots of money ... The shallow pockets version offers tribunals that seek to skip complexity ... The more obstacles, the more lawyers are "worth" 

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    Deny, dispute, defend

    Catholic Church's long history of abuse by priests ... Cover-up ... Parliamentary investigation ... The Three Ds ... Running the rabbit ... The whitewash of "independent" investigations ... Vic Police uncover "shocking" figures ... Barry Lane files 

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