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Humans and their rights ... Qld on high alert as human rights bandwagon starts to roll ... Eight year review of Vic's Charter of Rights calls for more teeth, less gum ... Read more ... 

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The salad days of Malcolm Turnbull ... The new prime minister's celebrated missteps and misjudgments ... Blunderbuss ... Overplaying his Costigan hand ... Trauma at Tourang ... Goldman Sachs and FAI ... Not-so-ancient history ... Read more ... 


The Wolf of Phillip Street ... Drugs and lawyers ... Lawyers and drugs ... Getting busted while on the roll ... The stories that 'come up' at lunch ... Don't forget the CCTV cameras ... From our baby barrister blogger, Unrobed ... Read more ...

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    "If I wasn't strong, determined, controlling and got them into government, from opposition I might add, then I would be weak and not up to it and should have to go and be replaced.

    You will want to have women like me in politics. You will want to have women like me sitting in power." 

    Peter Credlin, chief-of-staff to former prime minister Tony Abbott, speaking at the Australian Women's Weekly Women of the Future Awards. September 22, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Viticulture in Van Diemen's land ... Lawyers and the grape ... Guy Green and William Cox - Tasmania's vine growing chief justices, who managed not to produce any wine ... Gabriel Wendler reviews a painstaking history of Tasmanian wine ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Love letters to a cat ... A young Malcolm Turnbull warns his ex-girlfriend’s cat about the treachery of new boyfriends ... Cat asked to intercede in broken romance drama ... A Justinian exclusive ... From the archive, June 17, 2009 ... Read more ... 



    Trial by the dozen

    Court swap ... Villawood trial in the Supreme Court heard in old Dizzo digs ... Interpreters and lawyers dig-in for the long haul ... Alix Piatek visits with her notebook 

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    Two sorts of fusion

    The fusion that dares not speak its name ... How many lawyers does it take ...? ... Solicitors and barristers - differences ... Supreme Court decisions on legal aid rulings in Victoria show the extent of the barristers-judges fusion ... Tulkinghorn explains 

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    The Pryce of revenge

    Ex-wife of former UK cabinet minister convicted of perverting course of justice ... Vicky Pryce's confidentiality lost when Sunday Times abandoned appeal ... The secret source in speeding scandal who became the story ... Others also drawn into the wreckage ... Paul Karp investigates 

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    Upset journalist complains to lawyer's boss

    Melbourne lawyer dobbed into managing partner by journalist who objected to her Tweets ... Journalistic mistake corrected, but war of words erupts on social media ... What's with journalists being sensitive? ... Alix Piatek reports 

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    Cost agreements and paying your barrister

    Unsuccessful claim by solicitors that a costs agreements with a barrister is unenforceable ... Legal Profession Act allows fees to be recovered by a barrister from a solicitor even where there is no legal services contract 

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    Hermann and the juicy file

    The Fellas want to get their hands on that huge file ... What's Gail got that's so magic? ... Apparently she's a "straight shooter" ... But then, there's a f**k-up ... Whose f**k-up? ... Dorothy explains 

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    Old Mates Act

    Exciting new brooms in the boardroom of NSW Legal Aid ... Commodore Collins hired to slay plans for green slip and motor accident reform 

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    Chestnut in the fire

    The Map of Tasmania ... Madge Marron birched again, this time by the CJ-in-waiting ... Traffic Act trauma ... New Supremos 

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    Washington notebook

    Gongs for drone crews ... Military detention for civilians ... Australia listed among the countries that collaborated with the CIA's "detention, rendition and interrogation" program ... Court vacancies at crisis point ... NRA lobbying on judicial appointments ... Clarence Thomas speaks ... Roger Fitch - Our Man in Washington 

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