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Soapy ducking it in the senate

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Carmody Watch ... Brisbane field agents keep an eye on the work of the learned Chief Justice of Queensland ... Knock About's sentencing error ... Blunders in contract land ... Lawyers kept furiously busy with stay applications ... Read more ... 

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Letter from The Map ... Ellis hanging on for pre-Christmas appeal decision ... Law Society misses out on seminar bonanza ... Solicitor involved in toilet scuffle now on trial for tickling the till ... The Map of Tasmania ... Read more ... 

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Brisbane barrister Kylie Hillard argues that the lack of female judicial appointments in Queensland is damaging confidence in the courts ... Disappearing women ... Warnings from Michael McHugh ignored ... Overwhelmingly white and male gives rise to perceptions of injustice ... Read more ...

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    "It stemmed from a view that public service was what my family did. It was a question of where you were best able to be of use to the public." 

    Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, on why he wanted a career in politics. The Australian Financial Review, November 22-23, 2014 ... READ MORE >>

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    On the Couch... Former tax lawyer Dan Young rides the wave of the inner-city bicycle boom ... We've lured Dan off the saddle and onto Justinian's couch to learn about the the transition from law to the art of bicycle mechanics ... Read on ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Angela Liati, the "solitary crusader" caught up in the Marcus Einfeld case ... The cat loving, Boston Legal watcher has some strong views about what needs to be changed about Australia and the legal system ... She was on Justinian's couch in November 2008 ... A tiny treasure from our archive ... Read more ... 



    Russell does a runner

    Bankruptcy - Russell Keddie's latest stunt ... Millions owing to former clients and lawyers ... Transfer of assets to be unravelled ... Roulstone and Barakat next in line to go belly-up? ... Substantial amounts owed to tax man ... Remember Gus Cummins "QC AJC" and the Hunters Hill "transfer"? 

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    Bail out

    Shock jock demagogue Ray Hadley starts bullying politicians to crush proposed reforms to the Bail Act ... LRC report not yet before cabinet ... Police muscle on display ... Opponents don't like the sound of "presumption in favour of bail" ... But don't quite understand what it means ... Listen up 

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    Sentencing terror

    Fabulous sentencing transcript from County Court, Victoria ... Judge James Montgomery and counsel wrestle with the dates and the years ... Pythonesque proceedings ... Court reporter strugges to keep up ... Tears to the eyes 

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    A mere trifle

    Queensland QCs arm twisting republican SCs ... Too many barristerial layers ... Sacking of 'staves spreads to the Dizzo ... Judges need to sharpen their writing if they criticise wordy affidavits ... Memories of Michael Lawler on the 12th floor Wentworth-Selborne ... Law Society president's divorce driven charity drive 

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    I love you Martha Costello

    Silk, the latest barrister TV drama from the Beeb ... Barristers' ethical dilemmas, chamber's politics, sexual tension, and getting the clients "off" ...  What's not to love about this wonderfully crafted series ... "I love you [Martha Costello]" ... From our TV writer I. Box  

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    You've got to be Kedding

    UPDATE ... Keddies has been the biggest public overcharging scandal to confront the legal profession in NSW ... Yet the Legal Services Commissioner, Steve Mark, has ended-up in a woeful place ... In order to get his partners off the hook Russell Keddie made admissions ... Admissions which don't stack up 

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    Order me a f*&%ing pizza while you're at it

    Excruciating scenes in Justice Daubney's court as accused lets fly with ripe abuse ... "Listen here lard arse - f*&% you" ... Commendable restraint from judge ... Leaf from Maroons book ... Sir Terence O'Rort reports from courtside 

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    Putting the Queen back into Queensland 

    Long may she reign over us ... Down with SCs ... Queens Counsel make a happy and glorious return to the Queensland Bar … Tory AG and bar hatch exciting plan to turn back the clock … Jubilee celebrations send bar boys troppo 

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    James Hardie and the rule of law brigade

    The Rule of Law Institute had been rooting for upholding the NSW Court of Appeal's decision in the James Hardie directors' case ... Fortunately, the High Court had better ideas about the rule of law ... Strange connections ... Dyse Heydon's comprehensive skewering 

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