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Unreasonable suspicion ... The automation of denationalisation ... Victims of official suspicion include Cornelia Rau and Dr Muhamed Haneef ... Transferring a phrase from the criminal law to the Migration Act ... Procrustes cites Cicero ... Read more ... 


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Where's the hook? ... Senior NT lawyers seek removal of judge for apprehended bias ... Email reveals that judge's wife was privy to strategy and opinions of one side in Supreme Court judicial review heard by her husband ... Read more ... 

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Reasonable suspicion ... Citizenship stripping ... Heavy-handed officialdom ... Wooly notions of "reasonable suspicion" ... Procrustes shows how it has worked in practice ... The immigration official who was "very thorough with non-whites" ... Read more ... 

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Surviving swotvac ... Barely Legal is cramming three big exams into one weekend ... It's more sweat than vac ... Amoebas swimming downstream ... Hazing mandated by the legal profession ... Read more ...

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    Scott Morrison: I mean he has got his silks at the dry cleaners waiting to defend them when they come back and I think that really betrays the heart of Labor on many of these things. Mark Dreyfus wants a lawyers' picnic over these things and bringing these people back. 
    Ray Hadley: This is the problem minister. He can't forget he's a lawyer, he can't forget this, you see, and that's a dangerous thing - particularly if you've got a hand-wringing, left-leaning lawyer as your shadow attorney general. 
    Scott Morrison: I don't think it inspires confidence. 

    Scott Morrison discussing the government's citizenship laws on radio 2GB, June 22, 2015 ... READ MORE >>

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    Viticulture in Van Diemen's land ... Lawyers and the grape ... Guy Green and William Cox - Tasmania's vine growing chief justices, who managed not to produce any wine ... Gabriel Wendler reviews a painstaking history of Tasmanian wine ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Gibberish dopes the judges ... It takes submissions from a dope fiend to have Queensland judges wrapping themselves in extra layers of dignity and producing weighty reasoning about delirious abstractions ... From Justinian's archive, October 2008 ... Read more ... 



    Allan Myers in the box 

    Ongoing struggle between Clayton Utz and Christopher Dale … Gathering of ghosts … McCabe case, Ebner case, the Korean inheritance saga … Sleuths and leaks … Did Allan Myers give Dale advice? … Can he act for Clayton Utz against Dale? 

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    Hyperemisis gravidarum strikes a cruel blow

    Lord Justice Leveson transported to Australia ... New offensive word - "underpinning" ... Lord Chancellor biffs judge ... Judge biffs prosecutor ... Name game for latest royal mouth to feed ... Death of Jacintha Saldanha - "What can you expect from Orstralians?" ... Leverhulme's London Calling 

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    The bar's up

    NSW bar more gender equal than its Yarraside counterpart ... Why is that so, when there are so many lovely sentiments about equality? ... VicBar actions on parental leave at odds with stated policy ... Gender correspondent Ginger Snatch reports 

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    Obama's republic

    Shock: the rich prefer Obama ... Democrats outvoted Republicans, but state gerrymanders keep GOP in control of the House ... Recomposition of the ultra-orthodox DC Circuit ... Rumsfeld gets torture immunity ... Native American compensation claims settled after 16-year class action ... New policy for drone assassinations ... Roger Fitch reports from Washington 

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    Seamless expressions of empathy

    The evolution of human rights to animal rights ... Stephen Keim and Jordan Sosnowski trace the movement from Pythagoras to vegetarian monsters to William Wilberforce ... Animal rights and vegetarianism  

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    Tobacco wars

    The recent High Court ruling on the the packaging of cigarettes is not the last word ... The tobacco companies have turned to international fora in three parallel proceedings ... Potential downside is huge ... Mary Ayad argues that the Australia's sovereign interests should trump an argument about intellectual property rights 

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    The art of the menacing letter

    Lawyers' threatening letters ... Heavy-handed attempts to get the media or campaigning activists to back-off ... Spectre of defamation proceedings and aggravated damages ... Huffing and puffing that goes nowhere 

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    Festive season

    Once a Jolly Bagman's happy remembrance of Australian politics ... James Hardie and how "separation" replaced the "corporate veil" ... A warning: be suspicious of people, like Scott Morrison, who proclaim themselves to be Christians ... Procrustes' end-of-year bleeding-heart special 

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    Alannah Hill, barrister

    Junior Junior is not a lesbian ... She wears pink heels and still wins in the traffic court ... Two types of women barristers ... Both lethal 

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