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The great debate ... Brandis v Dreyfus ... Attorney General is called a disaster, a liar, a failure and delusional ... Federal judges make unprecedented entry into election campaign calling for more to be allocated to the courts to handle domestic violence at the "coal face" ... Parliament misled by the attorney general ... Read more ...  

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Attorney General Brandis asserts political influence over Solicitor General Justin Gleeson ... Government access to the Solicitor General to be controlled by AG ... More outsourcing of constitutional advise to the private bar ... Ideological agenda at play ... Read more ... 

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Britain's role in Europe

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Murder into manslaughter, and maybe back again ... The Baden-Clay case in the High Court ... Artemus Jones claims that appeal courts have a history of handing out softer sentences to perpetrators of violence against women ... Populist outcry verses learned legal commentators ... Read more ... 


A place in the community ... Barely Legal samples the delights of both community law and Big Law ... The canapés are better at Big Law ... Scuffed brown shoes confirm his place in the hierarchy ... Read more ... 

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    LEIGH SALES: But I think people watching this also want to know that you're listening to them and what those polls tell you is that there's something that you're doing which they don't like.
    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Well why don't you ask me a question about it?
    LEIGH SALES: Well I am asking you a question about it. What do you think - what do you think - what do you think has happened that you have lost that ginormous chunk of approval?
    MALCOLM TURNBULL: Leigh, I am not going to be drawn into that kind of introspection ... 

    Interview with PM Turnbull on the ABC's 7.30, June 8, 2016 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … www.glj.com.au 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Ian Hancock is the biographer of Tom Hughes QC, a hero of the Sydney bar ... He has submitted to Justinian's probing, intimate questions on the eve of the book's publication ... Biographing a biographer ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Tubby's in the firing line ... It's a wheeze on the High Court ... Japes fly thick and fast from droll judicial wags ... There were two in two days ... From Justinian's archive of transcribed morsels ... Read more ... 



    Ramadan Special


    Ian Hancock

    Ian Hancock is the biographer of Tom Hughes QC, a hero of the Sydney bar ... He has submitted to Justinian's probing, intimate questions on the eve of the book's publication ... Biographing a biographer  

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    Treats from the Top End

    Wyvill gets a breather from NT appeal court ... Grant Samuel rejigs Slater & Gordon ... Barrister suggests that if his client had more money someone else would have been briefed ... Bluto Watch 

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    Wagnerian opera goes centre stage in Brisneyland

    Big defamation action grips Banana-Benders ... Concrete Kings v Mouth from the South ... Big Al Jones doubles down ... Taxpayers pick up the tab for Can Do's and Jiving Jarrod's apology-free zone 

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    All stand

    Special law to enforce respect for judges ... Legislative loopiness ... Closing the gap between contempt and disrespect 

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    Stick it up your briefs

    Queensland bar council says national equitable briefing policy is potentially "divisive" ... BAQ won't play along with Law Council's plans to improve the lot of women barristers ... Qld. is different, says bar prez, Christopher Hughes ... Lofty correspondence 

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    Wiggy conniptions

    Dewigging transcript ... An uplifting piece of transcript from May 24 is doing the rounds of Vic's Bar n' Grill ... Justice Kevin Bell gets serious about wigs' policy ... Turning up wearing a wig is an insult to Earl Warren CJ ... Briefs grovel and remove their hairpieces ... Wig protocol a matter of law ... Judge expresses his profound disappointment 

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    Yarraside's fragrant delights

    Marketing breakthrough as barrister appears on the side of trams ... Reptiles of the media warned not to connect coke sniffing associate with Federal Court judges ... Hands up for deputy NSW DPP ... Gilbert + Tobin spruces its image but keeps the plus ... Industrial action - how the Poms campaigned effectively against Cameron government's legal aid cuts 

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    Fairfax courtroom dramas - a loss, a win

    Defamation and sources ... Nick Di Girolamo, Sydney lawyer, Liberal party operator and Obeid frontman withdraws from defamation trial against The Sydney Morning Herald ... Court of Appeal orders up journalists' sources in blow against investigative journalism 

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    High Court muddles the advocates' immunity

    Advocates' immunity survives on High Court's flawed reasoning ... "Finality" not a compelling proposition - particularly when the court allows negligence claims against lawyers in some litigation-related circumstances ... Artemus Jones despairs 

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